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Attack is the Language of the Internet

Michael Brown writes:

Attack, attack, attack, attack. So goes our culture. And so goes our culture downward. A plummet it has been. Have you not noticed how everyone is an "attack dog" (or an assault weapon)? You can't go to a blogsite or even a news site and certainly not YouTube without running across offensive comments at the bottom (if your eyes dare wander that far, which we strongly advise against, along with those perilous advertising margins). Everyone is insulting everyone else. How self-righteous and brilliant are we all! Even a story about something scientific will evoke insults. Anything religious certainly does! When Pope Emeritus Benedict began using Twitter, his account was immediately flooded with a level of nastiness, profanity, and hatefulness that was truly amazing to behold.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

One nitpick, "assault weapon" either means "shoulder-mounted anti-tank rocket launcher" or "scare chant with no actual meaning".

The reason for the Internet doing this is simple: no social signals are visible, therefore no empathy, and nobody can hurt you for your crap, therefore no fear. Man is an animal, however plausible our technology may make angelistic fallacies seem.

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