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Steyn on The Death of the Family

Steyn, as usual, nails it:

Gay marriage? It came up at dinner Down Under this time last year, and the prominent Aussie politician on my right said matter-of-factly, “It’s not about expanding marriage, it’s about destroying marriage.” That would be the most obvious explanation as to why the same societal groups who assured us in the Seventies that marriage was either (a) a “meaningless piece of paper” or (b) institutionalized rape are now insisting it’s a universal human right. They’ve figured out what, say, terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers did — that, when it comes to destroying core civilizational institutions, trying to blow them up is less effective than hollowing them out from within.
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The Western Nuclear Family Meltdown

It's already melted and will continue melting:

The British nuclear family is in meltdown. Given that new research shows nearly half of all families are one-child affairs, you could even say that we’ve fallen victim to China syndrome. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number has increased by almost 700,000 in 15 years to 3.7 million, and one-child families are likely to be in the majority within a decade. Are we to become a nation of little emperors and empresses? If so, we’re certainly not making the demographic change alone. In the US, there are now 20 million only-child households, representing 22 per cent (and climbing) of American families. In Canada, 43 per cent of families now have singletons. In Spain and Portugal – which have traditionally celebrated the large family – a third are now one-child units. India, too, is following the trend: the Delhi-based National Council of Applied Economic Research reported that 10 per cent of households are opting to have only one child, and nearly a quarter of college-educated women say they would prefer to have a singleton. Ironic, then, that China, where the one-child policy has been law since 1978, is at last softening its stance. Two weeks ago, the government body that ran the country’s population control policy was stripped of its power; a move, Sinologists say, that signals a phasing-out of the much-criticised scheme.
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Did Jesus Really Go to Hell?

Buried in the middle of the Apostles’ Creed is a profound mystery of the Christian faith, the affirmation that Christ ‘descended into hell.’

This clause explains where Christ in the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection.

But this explanation raises a storm of questions: Did Jesus really go to hell? How can it be possible for God Incarnate to experience hell, the state of final separation from God? What did Jesus do there? Did He actually experience the everlasting fire that Scripture says is the lot of all those in hell?

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Same Sex Marriage Has Ruined Doctor Who for LarryD

Same sex marriage is even ruining the lives of geeks now!!! LarryD was willing to overlook a few mentions here and there of gay marriage on the BBC show, but Dr. Who has just gone too far:

The second half of Season Seven of Doctor Who starts this Saturday evening on BBC America, and I’m not going to watch it. I’m a huge fan of the show – well, at least I used to be – and when it returned to the airwaves back in 2005, after about fifteen years of exile, I was excited beyond words.
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BC Threatens Students Distributing Condoms

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Boston.com is reporting that Boston College is threatening disciplinary action against a group of students who are distributing condoms on campus. The student-run “SafeSites” group is distributing condoms out of their dorm rooms. The student-run "Safe Sites" is sponsored by the Boston College Students for Sexual Health, a group not recognized by the College. Their website lists 18 on-campus dorm rooms, as well as three off-campus locations, including Planned Parenthood, where students can obtain free male and female condoms, contraceptives, and more.
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Why You Should Homeschool

"When you send your kids to Caesar for their education, don't be surprised when they come back as Romans." :

In this video, Voddie Baucham, Jr. does about the best job of explaining why your children should be home schooled. Don't like what the public schools are teaching - or not teaching your children? Then take them out. Imagine if tomorrow the public school rolls were cut by even 25%? Do you think the powers-that-be would take notice? Probably not, except for the money that would cease to flow into their corrupt institutions. But at least your children would have first class education.
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Are Gay Couples Just like Infertile Couples?

Nope. Not even a little.

Do infertile couples clinch the case for same-sex marriage? Nope. All infertilities are not equal. There is a crucial difference between an infertile heterosexual union and an impotent homosexual one.
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Heritage.org: Why Marriage Matters

What is the cost of changing the definition of marriage?

Marriage is based on the truth that men and women are complementary, the biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and the reality that children need a mother and a father. Redefining marriage does not simply expand the existing understanding of marriage; it rejects these truths. Marriage is society’s least restrictive means of ensuring the well-being of children. By encouraging the norms of marriage—monogamy, sexual exclusivity, and permanence—the state strengthens civil society and reduces its own role. The future of this country depends on the future of marriage. The future of marriage depends on citizens understanding what it is and why it matters and demanding that government policies support, not undermine, true marriage.
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3 Things People Don't Know About Gay Marriage

Catholic Exchange:

I’ve been debating gay “marriage” advocates for a couple of years now, and the patterns and points of debate when one is in the trenches are fairly predictable, but I’ve noticed that some common themes seen in those trenches are not found in the carefully managed narratives presented by the media. Three things the general public may not know:
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Gay Marriage Is the Media's Vehicle, Destination Is to Destroy the Church

John Nolte writes:

If anyone wants to argue that the same government currently forcing religious institutions to purchase the abortion pill through ObamaCare will not eventually use civil rights violations in order to attempt to force the Church to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies -- good luck with that. But this would have been unthinkable five years ago.
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Gay Tea Party Founder: If We Redefine Marriage, ‘We’re Going to Redefine Children’

He's right.

Three opponents of same-sex “marriage” spoke at the conservative Heritage Foundation on Monday, including the gay co-founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots who argued that children are entitled to a biological mother and a father, and that if the government seeks to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples, it will necessarily also be redefining children. “The redefining of marriage, quite frankly I think it’s nuts,” said Doug Mainwaring, co-founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots and a homosexual. “Being gay, I’ve had a long time to consider this, look at it.”
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The Silence of Joseph

Brad Miner writes a great piece at The Catholic Thing about the silence of Joseph in the Bible. It doesn't start this way but this line just blew me away:

In the New York City playground where my sons cavorted as tots, they would often stop in the middle of frolicking and run to me. They would touch my hand or lean against me breathless before running back to whatever game engrossed them. It was if I were a battery charging station – but not a boost to their energy, which was boundless, but to top-off their souls. Daddy’s here; we’re safe.
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Eerie and Prophetic Words of Jesus on Way to the Cross

Msgr. Charles Pope writes:

There is an important “logion” (utterance) of Jesus on his way to the cross that speaks powerfully to this modern age of ours, and is fulfilled in a gruesome manner in our times. It is the word of Jesus to the women who lamented him as he made his way to Crucifixion:
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Must Read of the Day: "Suddenly, They're All Gone"

This is a piece about love and caring for the elderly. It's beautiful.

Caring for the old is just like parenting an infant, only on really bad acid. It’s all there: the head-spinning exhaustion, the fractured brain, the demands and smells. Only this time with the knowledge that it won’t get better. That was my life for five years. First came my mother-in-law, then my father-in-law, then my childless aunt, then my mother — all needing different kinds of help as they weakened and started going downhill, all the care overlapping, and almost all of the work to be done despite distance. You’re so good, friends would murmur, but I wasn’t — there were plenty of days I muttered, “Can’t do this anymore,” and nights when I threw back too many drinks, feeling how badly I needed for it to be over. Now, though, it is done for real, everyone is dead, and the surprise is that instead of being relieved, I feel worse.
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Planned Parenthood: Number one enemy of access

This is pretty darn smart.

Planned Parenthood has been caught RED-HANDED denying millions of women access to contraception, refusing them permission to use birth control, and controlling their reproductive choices. What? You thought Planned Parenthood GAVE AWAY, rather than denied access to, abortion pills and birth control? You must not have heard Planned Parenthood’s new definition of “denying access.” Planned Parenthood rakes in over a billion dollars every year. It charges money for contraception—big money—pocketing hundreds of millions in contraception cash from women and taxpayers.
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Teacher to be Fired for Opposing Abortion

Shut up, the school district explained.

Math Teacher Escorted Out by Police, Set to Be Fired for Opposing Planned Parenthood in the Classroom
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Planned Parenthood CEO: Declaring A Fetus A Human Being Is “Extremism”…


But sucking that same fetus from the womb and tossing it in the dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood clinic is not extremism?
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State To Mandate Coverage for Abortions

You must take part in killing:

Washington Considers Becoming First State To Mandate Insurance Companies Pay For Abortions…
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An Awesome Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents

Marcel has the vid:

Greatness! We invited our Facebook fans to change the lyrics of the iconic opening chorus of Carmina Burana to whatever they liked, and we would get the fabulous Sydney Philharmonia Choirs to sing the winning entry. We received a huge number of entries about a range of topics. Matthew Hodge's entry, an Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents and was declared the winner
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Why Isn't Kermit Gosnell's Victims One of Obama's Teachable Moments

Do Gosnell's victims matter at all?

President Obama has made a habit of offering words of comfort when tragedy occurs, especially tragedy that involves children. He traveled to Tucson and spoke movingly of the 9 year old girl who was killed by Jared Loughner. He had great compassion for the young victims of Adam Lanza and promised to work to change the laws that, he claimed, allowed those killings to take place. So where is Obama on the 7 infants killed in Philly (really it’s many, many times that number)? Why are there no teachable moments this time? Why no national dialogue about the grim reality of late term abortion? No discussion of the razor thin line between constitutional rights and murder from the First Lawyer. No vow to prevent this happening again by banning scissors or, more to the point, working to eradicate illegal late-term abortions (which like gun crimes are already illegal but still happen). Don’t Gosnell’s victims deserve a vote?
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The Distance Between Loss and Hope

Heartbreaking. Keep this family in your prayers please:

The cord of three strands is not easily broken. Even though Barbara and I were spliced together with Our Father as the third strand....I have still struggled to hold it together. The last few weeks have been very difficult with more and more of the reality of life settling in on me. Our Life's vision and trajectory has changed. It is no longer "Our life." Everything that happened together...is in the past... When I met Barbara, she was a single Mom, with two daughters....she's gone and I'm now a single Dad with 12 children and 15 grandchildren....(kind of ironic don't you think for some one who used to identify with Peter Pan and Tom Sawyer?)
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Catholic Novel Celebrates People with Down Syndrome

I can't wait to read it:

With World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, a celebration of these special people comes in the form of a new novel, The Things Lily Knew (Caritas Press), by Sherry Boas. Boas, a Catholic stay-at-home mother of four adopted children, including a daughter with Down syndrome, was inspired to begin the story of Lily from her own family’s experiences and from imagining her daughter’s future.
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CPAC Speaker: Abortion is "Justified Homicide"

Sure it's killing but hey, those babies had it coming:

If this is accurate, it's pretty horrifying, no? The renowned Charles Murray, speaking at CPAC:
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Comedian Tweets "God Bless Pope Francis." Atheists Pounce

Norm McDonald said some nice things about religion and then the nasties pounced (Language warning):

Comedian Norm Macdonald found himself in atheists’ cross-hairs on Monday night after he sent a series of tweets affirming his belief in God and scripture. Non-believers, clearly appalled that he joins the majority in embracing the notion of a higher power, quickly responded to his religiosity with angst and annoyance.
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5 Biden Memes from the Inaugural

Good stuff from St. Peter's List:

Listers, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph 2013 His Holiness Pope Francis celebrated his inauguration to the Petrine Ministry. In his expected style, Pope Francis charmed the crowd by stopping the popemobile to kiss a baby and bless a handicapped man. His Holiness’ homily spoke of the poor and weakest amongst us to the delegations from over 130 countries and hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone described their experience of the papal inauguration as a joyous experience. Well, almost everyone.
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Many Jesuits To This Day Speak of Him Warily

Interesting note about Pope Francis from a Catholic Argentinian newspaper: Continue reading>>>

Transcript of Pope Francis' Inauguration

He speaks moving and at length about the strength of Joseph.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I thank the Lord that I can celebrate this Holy Mass for the inauguration of my Petrine ministry on the solemnity of Saint Joseph, the spouse of the Virgin Mary and the patron of the universal Church. It is a significant coincidence, and it is also the name-day of my venerable predecessor: we are close to him with our prayers, full of affection and gratitude.
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US Bishops Ask Boehner to Grow a Spine

Gasp. They're no longer pleased with symbolic gestures, which is the Republicans' specialty:

The Catholic bishops of the United States are asking the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to do something concrete and effective–rather than merely symbolic—to repeal a regulation the administration has issued under Obamacare that will force Catholics and other Christians to act against their faith in purchasing or providing health-care plans that cover sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs.
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Bishop Condemns Catholic Insurance Agency

Wait, you mean the Catholic Church is still against contraception? I thought that went out in like Medeival times or something. Guess not.

The Catholic bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has taken action against a Catholic insurance agency that has chosen to cover contraception with no co-pay in order to satisfy the legal requirements of the Obama administration's health reform law. Bishop Paul Swain said the action of Avera Health Plans has created “public scandal,” because its practices are “inconsistent with Church teaching.”
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Report: 336 Million Abortions in China

As horrific as that number is, it's probably very low:

It’s difficult to know exactly how many abortions — voluntary or otherwise — have been performed in China to get everyone to comply with their notorious one-child policy, because a lot of this stuff occurs off the grid and under the radar — but China’s health ministry just revealed their four-decade tally of 336 million (and I’d rely on this being a very low-ball estimate):
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Pope Francis Leaves Popemobile to Bless Disabled Man


Before his inaugural Mass this morning, Pope Francis descended the popemobile to bless a disabled man in St. Peter’s Square. 1. Preaching the Gospel of Life without saying a word. I love this man. 2. He has to be giving his security team some mild heart attacks. I like what Elizabeth Scalia had to say this morning on Twitter in response to concerns over his safety: “#PopeFrancis seems determined to teach that you go forward in faith, no fear, on God’s timetable. Good lesson.” Nevertheless: “Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff Francis. The Lord preserve him and give him life, and make him blessed upon earth, and deliver him not to the will of his enemies.” (Prayer for the Pope, Handbook of Prayers)
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"Bergoglio is completely innocent"

Today, the President of the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice, Ricardi Lorenzetti said that pope Francis “is completely innocent” and was never suspected of being involved in violations of human rights committed during the military dictatorship (1976-83).

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Biden: I Need to Meet Cardinals or "Lose My Soul."

I guess legalized baby killing doesn't make the cut?

Joe Biden To Meet U.S. Cardinals, Says Doesn’t Want To “Lose My Soul”…
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Saint Patrick’s Bad Analogies

This will make you think and laugh.

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Amen and Amen - Father Z. Nails It

Father Z. has a great piece about humility and the liturgy. A must read.

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Pope Francis, Father to Catholics

Msgr. Thomas Bohlin, U.S. Vicar of Opus Dei, writes:

The installation of a new pope always brings to mind things both ancient and new. There is much that is refreshingly “new” about Pope Francis. He is the first pope from the New World; the first from outside Europe since the 8th century (when there was a Syrian); the first Jesuit; the first to assume the name of the man from Assisi. We Catholics, and even non-Catholics, can’t help admiring a prince of the church who cooks his own meals, rides the buses, and lives in a small apartment rather than the episcopal palace.
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Former SSPX seminarian constant companion of Pope

The company you keep.

By Brian Kopp

Some traditionalist bloggers seem to want to suggest that Pope Francis' closest friends and confidantes are of the progressive persuasion, but his right hand man at present is a former SSPX seminarian ...

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Liberals About To Turn On Pope--He's Catholic!

Father Z. makes some interesting points while fisking some nonsense from Fishwrap.

...Jamie doesn’t like Francis, yes, for the obvious reason, but her real dislike seems to come from something else. In her expression of this dislike, she may be ahead of the pack of liberals that are – fairly soon – going to turn on Francis. They will turn on him savagely...

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10 Pro-Life Celebrities You Should Know

See how many you already knew:

Did you know that Ashley Judd is running for Senate? That’s right: the outspoken liberal, pro-abortion actress will be challenging Mitch McConnell for his Kentucky Senate seat. While there is no shortage of pro-abortion celebrities, Judd takes it to an entirely different level, campaigning for Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and claiming that it is “unconscionable to breed.” It certainly seems that pro-aborts have taken over Hollywood, but fortunately, that’s not the case. Pro-lifers may be outnumbered, but there are some celebrities you might be surprised to know are outspoken pro-life advocates.
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Kathryn Lopez: Much Hope in Pope

I especially love the dopey quotes from the Cuomos.

"May God forgive you." That's Cardinal Timothy Dolan's translation of a joke that Pope Francis told the College of Cardinals a day after being elected the 267th pontiff. Having watched the prayerful mien of some of the cardinals going into the papal conclave that would elect Argentinean Jorge Mario Bergoglio pope, I have reason to believe that God had something to do with Papa Francisco, as the Romans call their bishop. Others, of course, see it otherwise.
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Was the Persecution of Early Christians a Myth?

Darwin Catholic does an astounding takedown of an insidious new book by a Notre Dame professor:

Donald McClarey has a well deserved barn-burner of a post up at The American Catholic about a new book entitled The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom out from University of Notre Dame theology professor Candida Moss. I’d seen a couple articles on this book before it came out and more or less passed over them as yet another fluffy work of pop scholarship intent on telling us that “everything we know is wrong” in relation to Christianity. However, the book appears to be getting a certain amount of press and is climbing the Amazon sales ranks, so it’s worth giving it a bit of attention as the politically motivated pop-history that it is.
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Can Pope Francis Renew Jesuit Education?

Patrick Reilly, the president of THE Cardinal Newman Society asks a great question:

Habemus papam! We have a Jesuit pope! Pope Francis is a former educator with multiple degrees, and was a seminary rector. He’s been outspoken against abortion, euthanasia and homosexual marriage. St FrancisCould he help bring about a renewal of Jesuit education? “Francis, rebuild my Church!” is the command that was given to the Holy Father’s patron, the great saint of Assisi.
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Taranto: Popes and Dopes

James Taranto writes:

The Roman Catholic Church has a new pope, and The New Yorker's Jane Kramer brings her readers the astonishing news that "you will not see women in the priesthood anytime soon; or married clergy; or an end to the bans on divorce, abortion, and contraception; or a reprieve for the nuns in trousers who go forth to give food, music, and solace to the poor; or even an acknowledgement that 'unrepentant' gay and lesbian Catholic men and women might, conceivably, get to heaven." Kramer got scooped by National Journal's Amy Sullivan, who reported yesterday that "the cardinals . . . were never going to elect a pope who supports married clergy or female priests." Sullivan explained that "there was some discussion in the media about whether the cardinals would elect a 'reformer.' But that word does not mean the same thing in a Catholic context that it might elsewhere."
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Tom Monaghan Posterizes Obama. Again.

The founder of Dominos gets another victory from the courts over the HHS mandate.

A judge on Thursday blocked the federal government from requiring the founder of Domino's Pizza to provide mandatory contraception coverage to his employees under the health care law. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff granted a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the contraception provision of the law against Tom Monaghan and Domino's Farms Corp., a management company located near Ann Arbor, Mich.
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China to Pope Francis: We're in Charge, Not You

Hot Air reports:

George Weigel notes in his book Evangelical Catholicism that the popes of this era have more control over the episcopate than ever before. Whereas entanglements with monarchies in the past limited the power of the Holy See to appoint bishops as it wished, the pontiff now selects bishops freely in every nation but two: China and Vietnam. Yesterday, Beijing wasted no time in explaining to the newly-elected Pope Francis just who’s boss, either:
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Why Did Pope Francis Go to St Mary Major?


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Media Wonders Why Pope's Not Popular with Other Jesuits

Why aren't you popular with the Chicago police department? (A little Midnight Run reference for you folks who watch too much cable television.) But I love questions like that. Why isn't Pope Francis popular with other Jesuits? Uhm. What do you think?

CBS wasted little time to play up newly-elected Pope Francis' "conservative" views on issues like abortion, same-sex "marriage", and birth control. On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell underlined how the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was "described as a staunch conservative". Allen Pizzey also used the "conservative" label, and pointed out how the Pope's doctrinal stand has "not made him popular with relatively progressive Jesuit brothers."
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This Writer is Peeps with Pope Francis

Some insight into the profound minimalism of Pope Francis:

I cannot say that Pope Francis is my friend; but I am honored to say I know him well. I first met him many years ago in Buenos Aires in 1993, less than a year after his predecessor, Cardinal Antonio Quarracino, rescued him from the ecclesiastic exile he was confined to by his congregation, the Jesuits, after he dared to try to reform them while being their provincial.
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Al Kresta: We Need a New St. Francis

Wonderful commentary from the Ave Maria Radio host:

You know you are in the presence of greatness when your only reservation about someone is his age. We have a new pope and, the worst thing that observant Catholics can say about him, is that he is a bit older than they had hoped. Pope Francis is the ninth oldest Pope elected in the last half of our history.
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Pope Francis: An Orthodox Champion of Social Justice?

Stephen White at The Corner writes:

By all accounts, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a holy man with a profound spiritual life. As archbishop of Buenos Aires, he lived a life of simplicity, eschewing many of the trappings and perks that come with being a Prince of the Church and spending a great deal of time among the poor. So it is fitting that, when he was elected the 266th Bishop of Rome, he took the name Francis — a name synonymous with humility, simplicity, and devoted service to the poor. Pope Francis is also a man who, as a young Jesuit provincial, fought to curtail the corrosive influence of liberation theology among the men in his care and has incurred the wrath of Argentina’s mercurial president, Cristina Kirchner, for his firm opposition to her liberal social agenda. He is unswerving on questions of Church doctrine.
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Hilarious Vid: Jeff Gordon Takes Care Salesman for Test Drive

I know this is totally off topic but it's hilarious. I think even Pope Francis would think it's funny. See. I worked the new Pope into the story. Continue reading>>>

New Pope Called Abortion "Death Penalty for the Unborn"

Progressive Catholics hardest hit ;)

The archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has been selected to become the next Pope, leading the Catholic Church. Like his predecessors, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, he is a staunch pro-life advocate when it comes to abortion. He once called abortion a “death sentence” for unborn children, during a 2007 speech and likening opposition to abortion to opposition to the death penalty.
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Ed Morrisey Defends the Church from WaPo

Ed at Hot Air writes:

I’ve been in Rome since Friday, reporting from the Vatican and one of its media centers. I didn’t find out until yesterday that there are actually two media centers, packed with credentialed journalists, reporting on the papal conclave. I found out about the other when they closed it at 5 pm local time as the conclave procession was under way and a flood of people created a standing-room-only situation here for a while. Over 5600 journalists have been credentialed for this event, and La Sala Stampa even erected a pavillion on Via Conciliazione for broadcast networks to use St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica as a dramatic backdrop for their reports: Thus it was with amusement, and a little exasperation, that I read the Washington Post’s article on how the church that has 1.2 billion members risked irrelevancy if it didn’t change its teachings on … well, nearly everything:
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Cdl. Burke: Liturgical Abuse Weakens Faith

A great piece from the Catholic Herald:

A weakening of faith in God, a rise in selfishness and a drop in the number of people going to Mass can be traced to liturgical abuse or Masses that are not reverent, two Vatican cardinals and a consultant have said. US Cardinal Raymond Burke, head of the Vatican’s supreme court, said: “If we err by thinking we are the centre of the liturgy, the Mass will lead to a loss of faith.”
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Young Woman Uses Marathon to Pursue Vocation

An inspiring story from the National Catholic Register:

A California native is running 26.2 miles to support her vocation as a cloistered nun. But before Jenn Garza can join the contemplative Norbertine sisters, she must pay off nearly $53,000 in student loans. Although Garza works two jobs, the 26-year-old said she “wouldn’t be able to pay off my student loans in any short amount of time.” However, with a background in fitness and experience as a personal trainer in New York City, Garza said she realized through “a lot of prayer and discernment” that the best way to pay off her debt would be to ask supporters to sponsor her as she runs the Southern California Orange County Marathon in May.
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Top Female Exec Says She Regrets Putting Off Children

A sad story but all too common, I fear.

The former finance boss of Lehman Brothers has revealed she deeply regrets the sacrifices she made for her job and told working women: 'It's not worth it'. Erin Callan, who was Chief Financial Officer at the bank and one of the most powerful women in finance, says the price she paid to rise to the top of the male-dominated Wall Street world was too high - and that she regrets not having children.
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Photobombed by Jesus

This is a funny picture that LarryD found on Twitter: Continue reading>>>

Olympian Taps His Faith for Guidance

Some good news:

The last few months have not been kind to high-profile athletes. Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius, Suzy Favor Hamilton — all have taken big falls. The collapse of such once-storied athletes has been painful to watch and has led to increased scrutiny and skepticism of anything said by athletes, said Casey FitzRandolph, a three-time Olympian and 2002 gold medalist in 500-meter speed skating. “How could there not be more skepticism — my God, I’m skeptical of athletes,” said FitzRandolph, 38, of Cross Plains. “Unfortunately, it’s warranted.” Like many former athletes, FitzRandolph gives occasional motivational talks, so he is not immune to the increased scrutiny and is OK with it. Last Monday, he spoke to the Stoughton Fellowship of Christian Athletes about how his faith gives him a greater understanding of human weakness, including his own. His faith also helps him understand the importance of making good choices in life, he told the crowd of more than 200.
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Become a Fertility One-Percenter

More babies.

My wife and I are part of the 1 percent — so we’re used to criticism. We’ve made a bundle — heck, a number of bundles — and while the rest of the nation seems to be in a slump, we’re just making more. We’re part of the false cult of quantity at the expense of quality. Our consumption hurts the environment. Our ridiculous tax breaks reward our selfishness at others’ expense. To give us larger breaks is so ridiculous a suggestion even the Wall Street Journal calls us tax “gangsters.” But we, I reply, are the makers. It’s right that our tax burden is lower, since we ultimately provide the raw material for jobs, innovation and future tax revenue. Of course, when I say we’re in the top 1 percent, I mean kids.
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Dare We Hope for Cdl. Burke?

Austin Ruse writes:

My wife and I sat at Mass one Christmas season at St. Peter’s Church in St. Charles, Missouri. The celebrant read a letter from the local archbishop. As he did, a lady sitting near us shook her head violently. It was only a Christmas greeting, but it brought this woman to public disapproval. The letter was from the then Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, now Cardinal Burke and head of the Apostolic Signatura, the supreme court of the Catholic Church.
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PBS: Chavez in "Immortal Club" with Jesus Christ

And we're paying for these guys to "report" the news:

On Friday, the PBS NewsHour featured a story titled "A 'Celebration of Immortality' for Hugo Chavez." This is an odd title for liberals who believe in science and would know when Hugo Chavez has assumed room temperature. But it grew worse: the segment from former BBC correspondent Matt Frei (now with ITN) actually put Chavez in a "top three" of immortality with Jesus Christ:
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Attack is the Language of the Internet

Michael Brown writes:

Attack, attack, attack, attack. So goes our culture. And so goes our culture downward. A plummet it has been. Have you not noticed how everyone is an "attack dog" (or an assault weapon)? You can't go to a blogsite or even a news site and certainly not YouTube without running across offensive comments at the bottom (if your eyes dare wander that far, which we strongly advise against, along with those perilous advertising margins). Everyone is insulting everyone else. How self-righteous and brilliant are we all! Even a story about something scientific will evoke insults. Anything religious certainly does! When Pope Emeritus Benedict began using Twitter, his account was immediately flooded with a level of nastiness, profanity, and hatefulness that was truly amazing to behold.
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CIA Director Sworn in Without Bible

The Weekly Standard reports:

John Brennan was sworn in today at the White House. He was confirmed as the new CIA director yesterday. "Brennan was sworn in with his hand on an original draft of the Constitution, dating from 1787, which has George Washington's personal handwriting and annotations on it," according to the White House. He does not appear to have placed his hand on a Bible, a Torah, a Koran, or other sacred religious text as he said the oath.
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Yahoo News: Was Mother Teresa a Jerk?


Former Time.com writer Keith Wagstaff has just joined a different magazine, The Week, but he’s still sounding like the old employer. He has a new piece posted on Yahoo! News titled “Was Mother Teresa actually sort of a jerk?”
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Obama Wasn't the 1st Big Gov't, Anti-Catholic President

Woodrow Wilson started it. Read the sordid details st The Catholic Thing:

One hundred years ago this week Woodrow Wilson was sworn in as president. He was elected with only a 41.8 percent plurality because the Republican Party split between President William Howard Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt. Many historians believe that Wilson’s election was a defining moment in American history. The former political science professor’s views on government and human nature (and our relationship to the state) became the foundations of Democratic Party liberalism. Historians also agree that Wilson had a dark side. He had a strong dislike of immigrants, particularly Catholics and African-Americans.
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Abp. Chaput To Sell of Seminary Land

I have absolute faith and confidence in Archbishop Chaput to do what's best for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Exactly 18 months ago this week, the Philadelphia Catholic family became my family, and the city became my home. I said at the time that the challenges we face as a Church wouldn't be easy, and they haven't been. Many of our pastoral, legal and financial problems still remain. So do our very serious obligations to victims of past abuse. But it's also true that a great deal of good has been accomplished in a short time. We need to thank God for that, and we need to take pride in the fidelity of our clergy and our people under very trying circumstances.
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NYC Public Service Ad Urges Abortion?

41% of NYC pregnancies end in abortion. I guess that's not enough.

The latest public-service campaign in New York comes just short of having children announce: Mom, it would have been better if I had never been born. (Which, heartbreakingly, I’ve heard a major abortion advocate announce about herself.) Take a look:
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The Catholic Church vs. Hugo Chavez

I didn't know much about this I'm ashamed to say:

When Hugo Chavez opponent Cardinal Ignacio Velasco died in 2003, the Venezuelan strongman declared the pro-democracy cleric was “in hell.” At Velasco’s wake, Chavez’s flock brandished pictures of the cardinal with devil horns and hurled stones while chanting Chavista slogans. After all, Velasco had committed a cardinal sin in the eyes of the autocrat: questioned Chavez’s self appointment as supreme being and urged the people to embrace democracy and human rights instead of the Simon Bolivar fanboy. “Every day we turn another cheek. I have no cheeks left because every day there is a new insult,” Velasco said of his nemesis the year before he died.
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In the Senate, a Reverse Mr. Smith

An excellent point.

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9% of Yale Students are Whores

Reason #1,739 to send your children to a faithful Catholic college:

Nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a recent survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Three percent said they had participated in bestiality, and more than half said they had “engaged in consensual pain” during sex. The survey was administered to a group of about forty students on Saturday, during a workshop meant to prompt students to “reconsider their idea of ‘normal’,” according to the Yale Daily News.
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Cdl. Dolan to Deliver 2013 Notre Dame Commencement

Great news:

According to a University of Notre Dame press release, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, will be the 2013 Commencement speaker on May 19. He will also receive an honorary degree. “Over the past several years, I have had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Cardinal Dolan,” said University President Fr. John Jenkins in the press release. “He is a man of great intelligence and personal warmth, and a dedicated shepherd of the Church. We were pleased to have him here in 2011 to give the inaugural lecture for the Notre Dame Project on Human Dignity, and we are grateful that he has accepted our invitation to join us in celebrating the achievements of our students and to provide them with words of wisdom as they set out into the world.”
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Must Watch: Penn Jillette Defends Catholicism Against "Catholic" Piers Morgan

This is pretty awesome.

Watch this: Outspoken atheist Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) defends Catholic orthodoxy on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight
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Conclave Scandal!!! Brazilians in Open Papal Campaign

Rorate Caeli reports this very disturbing story:

A Brazilian reader sends us the following astonishing article published yesterday in the largest national daily, Folha de Sao Paulo: the official chosen by the Brazilian Conference of Bishops (the largest Conference of Bishops in the world) to advise the cardinals of that country in the conclave explicitly asked the media to print supportive articles on Cardinal Scherer, Archbishop of Sao Paulo. He is now clearly in open campaign in collusion with the media.
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Overreaction Much? College Cancels Classes When Person Wearing Blanket Mistaken for KKK

Hahahahahahahahaha. What a bunch of maroons. The college cancelled classes and issues statements and everything. Awesome.

Early this morning, there was a report of a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit between South and the Edmonia Lewis Center and in the vicinity of Afrikan Heritage House. This report is being investigated by both Safety and Security and the Oberlin Police Department. This event, in addition to the series of other hate-related incidents on campus, has precipitated our decision to suspend formal classes and all non-essential activities for today, Monday, March 4, 2013, and gather for a series of discussions of the challenging issues that have faced our community in recent weeks.
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Dem Congressman Mourns Chavez

Thug worship:

New York congressman Jose Serrano, a Democrat, posted a message on his Twitter page celebrating the death of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez:
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You Were Not Made for Comfort

I didn't know this quote from Pope Benedict XVI. I think it's a good one:

Theres been a quote of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s that I’ve seen circulating in social media in recent weeks: “The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness.” Comfort (or comfortability, or being comfortable) is a sense of physical or psychological ease, often characterized as a lack of hardship.
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Father Dies Saving Daughter from Winter Storm

A story of love and what it means to be a father:

A highly doting father froze to death in order to save his only child from perishing in a winter storm in northern Japan. Mikio Okada did what he could to keep his 9-year-old daughter, Natsune, from succumbing to the cold. Sadly, it cost Mikio his life.
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This is How Freedom Dies

Canada teaches the world how you can kill freedom of religion and speech in one ruling. As if we needed teaching.

Canada no longer has freedom of speech. The Supreme Court of Canada killed it: In Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott, the Supreme Court decided that born-again Christian William Whatcott was guilty of hate-speech for distributing flyers to neighborhoods in Saskatoon and Regina in 2001 and 2002. While the flyers used vehement language against homosexual practices and the homosexual agenda, they did not however directly attack homosexual persons. (The flyers are appended to the end of the decision linked above)
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North Korea: 70,000 Christians in Prison

Ignore this please and keep telling yourself that Christians aren't persecuted:

Persecution of Christians in North Korea shows no sign of abating under the country's new leader, Kim Jong-Un, according to a report by the worldwide ministry Open Doors. "The fanatical regime, which rules the destitute country of 24 million people with a proverbial iron fist, has a special hatred for Christians," Jerry Dykstra of the California-based Open Doors USA noted. "North Korea is in a league of its own when it comes to persecution of Christians." Dykstra's and other reports parallel incidents in North Korea chronicled in the U.S. State Department's religious freedom assessments. Of an estimated 200,000 prisoners in North Korea, 70,000 of them are Christians, Open Doors reported. For the 11th consecutive year, North Korea tops Open Doors' list of the worst countries for its brutal treatment of believers. North Korea is run like a giant religious cult, Dykstra wrote. He noted two ideologies that drive the regime: "Juche," which asserts that man is self-reliant, and "Kimilsungism," which is the worship of leaders.
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Massachusetts to Give Animals Right to Sue?

The bill would give activists the right to sue on animal's behalf:

A New Bedford Democrat has introduced a bill that would hand over the determination of what is and what is not proper and “acceptable” treatment of animals to private citizen PETA types. As in all other states animal cruelty is already a crime in Massachusetts, but of course writing new freedom restricting laws is seen as a “birth right” of liberals so that hasn’t stopped a New Bedford State Senator from cranking out a new more oppressive law. This law would let private citizens watch how you train your dog and determine whether or not to sue you on behalf of the animal. If you own a farm a PETA type loony could stand at the edge of your land writing down what he/she didn’t like and haul you into court on behalf of your livestock. One of these self- appointed “Livestock and wildlife lawyers” could watch you legally hunting on your own land and have you served with papers ordering you to defend yourself in court against charges of animal cruelty. Would anyone want to defend against animal cruelty charges in a state dripping with liberal Democrats?
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Horrific Underage Abortion Stats in Illinois


The Illinois Department of Public Health released detailed statistics on the number of abortions performed on girls under the age of 17 in Illinois. Currently, state law does not require these minors to receive parental consent or to notify their parents before having any type of abortion. These statistics include both Illinois residents and Illinois non-residents which may suggest minors are traveling across state boarders to evade their state’s parental notice and/or parental consent laws. Illinois is the only Midwestern state that does not require parental notice and/or parental consent before a minor can have an abortion.
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Big Win for Pro-Lifers in Rockford

The Thomas More Society scores a win:

After more than five years of federal litigation, members of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative have settled their federal lawsuit against the City of Rockford over the city’s alleged harassment of pro-life individuals and other alleged federal civil rights violations. The agreement, reached between attorneys from the Thomas More Society and the city, will result in positive reforms and revisions of city ordinances, payment of attorney’s fees, and compensation for losses suffered by the removal of pro-life advertising by members of the Pro-Life Initiative.
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MSM Catechism: Honor Thy Orgasm

Frank Weathers writes:

Joe Six-Pack here with a short little post on the worlds’ fascination with the orgasm. Remember my little missive on the subject before? Last Fall I noted that the orgasm had become the Alpha and Omega of our politics. But It’s more than that. Why be relegated to such a narrow sphere? The Orgasm transcends mere politics, you see, and should be rightly placed at the very center of our lives. Haven’t you been reading/viewing the Main Stream Media Catechism being beamed to every TV set, film screen, and radio station these days?
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Rabbi: Christians are the New Jews

Rabbi Adlerstein writes:

"If you want to understand us, study our story, learn of our pain." That is what Jews told Christians who wanted to build new bridges of respect after the Holocaust. Ironically, when Christians begin listening to the story of the Jews, they are finding reflections of themselves. Christians who listened learned of a Jewish history written in blood from ancient to modern times. When they thought of Christian martyrdom, on the other hand, they had to turn for the most part to antiquity, to early Christianity under the thumb of Roman emperors. That has all changed. While Jews feel threatened by the massive explosion of global anti-Semitism in the last years, coupled with Iranian and Islamist calls for the genocidal destruction of all Jews, very few Jews in 2013 are dying because of their faith or their roots. Christians, on the other hand, have become the New Jews.
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Awesome Story of Men Who've Played Tag for 23 Years

Includes a priest, a teacher, an engineer, and an executive:

The Awesome Story About a Group of Men Who Have Been Playing a Single Game of Tag for 23 Years Constantly looking over your shoulder, glancing under your car to see if there’s a body under there feels, as one person said, “like you’re in a Cold War epic.” Accept, it’s much more benign than that — it’s an extreme, month-long game of tag that a group of men have been playing for the past 23 years.
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Atheists Attack, Use Santorum and Pope Benedict XVI

When Anti-Christian atheists attack:

American Atheists are targeting religious statements from prominent Republican politicians for its Texas billboard campaign encouraging passersby to “Go Godless Instead.” The organization’s campaign singled out former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.
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Prayer Request for Sherry and Family

God bless them all in this difficult time.

Most of you know through this blog that my father has Alzheimer's. Sometimes, it can cause people to misjudge distance and thus fall. Yesterday, my dad fell. He broke his left hip. Today, he will have surgery to replace the ball in the hip. So I am asking all of you to pray for the surgeon, for the team that helps the surgeon, for my dad, for my mom, and for all of us who get the frustrating task of having to keep going, because we don't live close enough to go and be simply present.
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Methodist Seminary to Remove Cross

They don't want to offend anyone:

After recently facing some financial challenges, the seminary decided to more or less literally sell itself for $50 million to a large donor who helped transform it from a Christian seminary into Claremont Lincoln University, devoted to jointly training Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Jain clergy. In celebrating the move, Claremont President Jerry Campbell bizarrely declared that Christians who seek to obey Christ’s command to evangelize non-Christians have “an incorrect perception of what it means to follow Jesus.” Officials at Claremont School of Theology are considering removing the cross from the seminary’s chapel for the sake of making the space more appropriate for Jain, Buddhist, and Islamic religious services.
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26 Quotes from World Leaders to Pope Benedict XVI

St. Peter's List has put together this great list:

Thank You Pope Benedict XVI: 26 Quotes from World Leaders
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Sherry on "Life in the Fasting Lane"

Man, can I relate:

Car rides are hard with ten children. There is almost always a mess. There is almost always a disagreement about seating arrangements, and fights in the back row of the 12 passenger van cannot be easily mitigated without dramatic over the top gestures like stopping the car. My favorite tactics to maintain peace on the road include the radio, prayer, and the captive audience lecture. Today, I was trying the third and attempting to help the middle children (ages 13, 10 and 8) with their Lenten resolutions. One daughter complained (she’d decided to initiate a daily exercise regimen) that it was hard. I told her she could do it.
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Obama DOJ: Children Have No Right to Mothers

It's almost like destruction of families is the objective:

The Obama Justice Department is arguing in the United States Supreme Court that children do not need mothers. The Justice Department’s argument on the superfluity of motherhood is presented in a brief the Obama administration filed in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry, which challenges the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that amended California’s Constitution to say that marriage involves only one man and one woman.
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Breitbart on How Being Adopted Shaped his Abortion Views

One of my favorite speeches given by Andrew Breitbart was about an issue he had never previously talked about -- how his adoption shaped his pro-life views. He addressed a group from Students for Life: Certainly, in Hollywood I lived in a pro-abortion culture, but there was a seed planted in me early on, literally. I’m adopted. I had never heard the pro-life point of view. The media portrayed the pro-life point of view as crazy people. So, that’s all I knew. There was a barrier; it was called cultural acceptability in my neighborhood to say that I was Pro-Choice and I did. But I never thought about the issue at all. At all.
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Media's Gone Bonkers over the Church

Pundette has some doozies:

This Dan McLaughlin tweet has become indispensable to our family as we read the media's "reporting" on the upcoming conclave: I want a car that runs on ignorance of Catholicism. — Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) February 11, 2013 If only. We could open up the Washington Post and fill 'er up at will: Left out of official Catholic conclave, these ladies play the pope game
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DePaul Student Punished for Exposing Vandals of Pro-Life Vandals

Outrageous actions from a Catholic college:

Try to follow this logic: Students vandalize a pro-life display at a university, and the student who exposes those behind the crime gets in trouble. That’s what happened at DePaul University in Chicago – the nation’s largest Catholic university, no less. The student in question, Kristopher Del Campo, has been placed on probation after being found responsible for multiple conduct violations, including one that absurdly brands the publication of the names as “disorderly, violent, intimidating or dangerous,” the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education reports.
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Harvard Crimson: Conservatives Not Welcome

(Fixed Link)Is anybody surprised that they felt this way or just surprised they said it:

Harvard Crimson Warns Conservatives Not To Apply To Harvard…
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Forced Abortions: What's a Woman to Do?

Live Action reports:

If you don’t think forced abortions happen here in the United States, think again. They do. And they may be happening right in your neighborhood. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s frightening to realize that women and girls are being forced to kill their children whether they want to or not. But it’s true. This sounds like something that happens in China or India or other controlling nations. But here, in the U.S., it’s not the government or an anti-woman culture that forces abortions. It’s the people closest to women – their parents, their boyfriends, their husbands.
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Bishops Asks Teachers to Affirm Church Teaching

Carl Olson reports:

Bishop asks Catholics to affirm Church teaching. Catholics freak out. Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, California, has done the unthinkable—nay, he has gone beyond outrageous, to a place so foreign and radical, many Catholics in his diocese are going apoplectic and having complete meltdowns (with low-fat lattes in hand, I presume). Prepare to be shocked:
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My One Mass With Pope Benedict Brought Me Into the Church

Taylor Marshall writes:

In 2006, when I was still an Episcopalian priest, Joy and I visited Rome. Intellectually we were coming to recognize that the Catholic Church was the true Church, but we needed the emotional push to bring the decision to fulfillment. In Rome, we were able to take the Scavi tour underneath Saint Peter's Basilica. At the end of the tour, we saw the bones of Saint Peter. I prayed earnestly that I would soon enter into full communion with Saint Peter and his successor on earth, Pope Benedict XVI.
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