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Tuition Free Catholic Schools?


A story of stewardship, Catholic education, and the vocational blessings flowing from a commitment to Catholic education. The stewardship model which funds Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wichita has blessed the local Church with numerous priestly and religious vocations, the diocesan superintendent of schools said. “Combined with the intensive daily formation in faith that our students receive in our Catholic schools, the spirituality of stewardship and the constant interplay between family and parish motivates young people to see their choice of vocation to be an act of stewardship in responding to God’s call,” Bob Voboril told CNA Jan. 30. “Because the stewardship way of life has been instilled so strongly into our families and students, our families are active members and leaders in their parishes.” The largely rural diocese with a mere 114,000 Catholics currently boasts 46 seminarians. Voboril noted that the openness to God's will in Wichita's young people can be seen as a natural effect of their parents' generosity in supporting His Church. The Wichita diocese provides tuition-free enrollment in its schools to the children of active parishioners, through its vigorous model of stewardship.
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Anonymous said...

Went to Catholic grade school K-8, at our parish school, graduated in '91. My parents paid no tuition for the 4 of us girls. As it should be. We cannot change the culture while the culture educates our youth.

Anonymous said...

My Diocese also has 0 tuition. I would like to point out some downsides to the no tuition policy. Our school has in the past had trouble getting enough resources. I also know of at least one case where a family has nominally become Catholic to avoid paying tuition and then not come to church at all and not tithed in the least.

Lastly since the kindergarten and 1st grade are viewed as superior to the public schools, many parents send them for those grades, such that parents who move to the area cannot get their kids into those classes. The problem dissipates as the kids get older, but the late arrivers end up just keeping them in public school and the others always intended on moving them. A better pricing mechanism might prevent this behavior.

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