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Pravda: Obama Declares War on The Catholic Church

Must read of the day:

The Obama administration has declared war on the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations in the US. The soon to be implemented "Affordable Care Act" has several provisions in it which will adversely affect religious organizations. The US government is requiring religious organizations to comply with this law, some of which violates their religious beliefs.
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Mary De Voe said...

Should Obama remove all immorality from the HHS Mandate, there is still the matter of tyranny, the coercion he is imposing, the force Obama is implementing to bring all citizens into the health plan. While exempting his friends and cohorts and demanding others to be participants as though we are subjects of the state rather than free men. The HHS Mandate was added after Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act, without informed consent of the people, by an unelected official. The immoral issues deny the human being's immortal soul. The moral issues deny the free will of the human being's immortal soul, making of the citizens, beasts of burden to the state, to be disposed of as the state sees fit. The HHS Mandate in its moral form violates FREEDOM.

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