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Ivy League Grad Seeks Truth

If all Princeton grads agreed with this the world would be a better place:

Truth is, I think, inherently linked to good: Everything that is good stems from institutions, ideas or innovations rooted in truth. When I speak of “truth,” I mean beliefs and statements that correspond to the actual state of affairs. In other words, truth is "what is." Of course, this view is directly opposed to relativism, or the idea that each person can figure out his or her own form of truth. If my assumptions are correct and truth is indeed both absolute and bound up with goodness, then understanding what truth is and how we find it would seem to be of paramount importance. Knowing truth shapes our view of the world and informs how we choose to live our lives.
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Mary De Voe said...

"...the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, so help me God." The oath that produces perfect JUSTICE.

Sophia's Favorite said...
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Of course truth is inherently linked to good. Truth is good knowable to the intellect; beauty is good apprehensible by the senses.

Nice of this guy to catch up with the 4th century BC. Is he also going to talk solemnly about the amazing inventions "paving" and "pulleys"?

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