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"Fem Sex" Workshop at Marquette

This figures.

Now happening at Marquette, according to a flyer posted around the campus two weeks ago: The Female Sexuality Workshop (FemSex) is a 12 week co-facilitated, student-led workshop that aims to create a mindful, safe, respectful, and open environment for participants to validate their experiences, challenge their ideas, and learn with and from others. Evolving from long-running courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, FemSex seeks to bring values of empowerment, diversity, and collective learning to Marquette University and the Milwaukee community.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

I really hate that word "mindful". Are you a Vajrayana Buddhist translating "smrti" into English? If not, you're not allowed to use that word—it's just a trendy substitute for "considerate" that deliberately conceals the issue of other people.

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