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Father May Sue Catholic School to Exempt Child from Religious Studies

Uhm. How about you just send your kid to a public school? Sheesh. Some people.

According to a story in the Toronto Star, father Oliver Erazo is considering taking legal action in order to obtain a full exemption from religious courses and programs for his son at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. Erazo admits that he and his wife originally chose the school because of academics, and its proximity to their home – not for its religious orientation.
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Mary De Voe said...

There were several Protestant students enrolled in St. Peter's High School in New Brunswick, NJ when I attended. The parents asked for their children to be exempt from religion class and the parents' wishes were respected. These two people were the most lovely students I can remember. Some other children were placed in Catholic School by the state to be disciplined. These unruly students would have benefitted from religion class.

Lauren said...

Growing up as a Jew, I attended a Christian School, protestant. I was not exempt from daily chapel services or religion classes. I didn't have to say any prayers or go up for communion, but I was expected to be present. My religion grades were part of my GPA, and I was expected to participate in those classes. No one ever made me say anything I didn't believe in. My parents knew that when I was enrolled. I actually really enjoyed it, and I'm the better person for having gone. I'm now Catholic. If you don't want religious instruction, don't go to a religious school. Catholic schools are not just for eduction, but they are opportunities for evangelization. We should use them respectfully.

Herminator said...

If I rightly understand the situation the school takes public funding money and then is obliged BY LAW to grant these exemptions. So either give in and grant them or don´t take state money!


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