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DePaul Students Admit Vandalizing Abortion Memorial


Report: 13 DePaul students admit tearing down memorial for aborted babies. DePaul University has completed its investigation after an apparent act of vandalism destroyed a Pro-Life flag display on the school’s main campus. As The Daily Caller reported, the display was part of the Flags for Life Project initiated by DePaul’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. After reserving space on the campus quad in Lincoln Park, club members set up 500 colored flags — half blue, half pink — to symbolize the lives they believe are lost each day as a result of legalized abortion.
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Clinton said...

What's next for these kids-- will they enter the
university's libraries and destroy any books that
do not agree with their love for abortion?

They've already demonstrated that they have a great
contempt for the Church's perennial stand for the
sanctity of life. They don't respect the property of
others, and see nothing wrong in censoring others'
legitimate exercise of freedom of speech.

They are a million miles away from being anything
like what a Catholic university should be forming.
It looks to me like they should pursue their academic
careers somewhere else, for a Catholic education
clearly isn't working for them.

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