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Catholic School Students: Church Teaching on Sexuality "Outdated"

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

The Barna Group has clarified its survey released last week showing that more Catholic school attendees find the Church’s teachings on sexuality “out of date” than do other young American Catholics. That survey considered only attendance at Catholic or faith-based elementary and secondary schools and not Catholic colleges as widely reported. The poll, conducted for Barna’s Faith That Lasts Project, included adults aged 18-29 “who attended a Catholic church at some point during their teenage years.”
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Amy Giglio said...

This doesn't surprise me. Catechetical programs are reluctant to talk about the truth of the Church's teaching to kids in middle school because they think the kids are too young to hear it, or risk offending parents who think their kids might be too young to hear about sex.

But in many households, especially unchurched ones, kids are getting messages about sex from many sources. Shouldn't they hear about it from us, too?

Mary De Voe said...

Thank you Amy Giglio: Catholics are not allowed to say "abortion" to teens, while the media swallows their immortal souls whole.
Since the Person of God is banned from the public square, only the devil has freedom of speech.

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