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A Different Sort of Valentine

This one hits home:

Every day when we drive to school, we say set prayers. It is partially to settle the crowd in the van. It is partially to pray. It is partially to prevent or stop fights. It does not always work. But we do it. Each child has a separate designated prayer. The youngest gets the "Glory Be," the next "Hail Mary," the next, the "Our Father," then the "Hail Holy Queen" and the oldest going to the elementary school has "The Prayer of Saint Francis." I have the "Act of Contrition." Yes, sometimes there are editorials in those prayers. However yesterday, the children were not happy. The prayers came grudgingly. "Make me (Kick) an (Kick, Kick, Kick) HEY! an instrument of your peace... "Where there is Hatred..."MOM! HE'S KICKING MY SEAT!" Mom edict from front seat, "NO KICKING DURING PRAYER..."
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