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New Advent Papal Buzz Meter: Who's the Next Pope?

This is slightly more than awesome:

Here are the 115 cardinal electors, ranked according to a "buzz" score calculated by New Advent. This score is based on a cardinal's relative influence and visibility, and adjusted daily based on Google search activity in various languages (see Google Trends). This list is not intended as a prediction of the outcome of the conclave or as a judgment on the worthiness of each man. The first number is the rank as calculated on February 27. The second number is the change in rank (if any) between February 21 and 27.
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"Among Us Is the New Pope... To Whom I Pledge My Obedience"

Rocco reports:

Breaking from the plans released by the Vatican over recent days, B16 delivered a final word to the 140-some cardinals gathered to farewell the departing Pope this morning, six hours before he leaves the Apostolic Palace to begin his retirement.
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When Rachel Met the Pope

And the terrible regret that followed:

The historic event of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI seems like as good a time as any to share with you the most regret-filled moment on our trip to Italy this summer. I haven’t said anything about it because it was once of those moments that I lost sleep over, for consecutive nights, and weeks and weeks later, I could *almost* laugh about with Paul and Fr. Tim. Almost. We were at dinner on the feast of Corpus Christi. June 7, 2012. Me, Paul, Fr. Tim. Paul and I had spent the day sightseeing in Rome and visiting numerous churches. We didn’t have good luck that day, however, because two of the “major” churches were not accessible to us because the Holy Father would be there that evening to celebrate Corpus Christi. He was doing Benediction at one church and celebrating Mass at another.
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Vid: Pope Benedict Says Goodbye

Today is a big day. I'm sad but optimistic, prayerful about the future:

Pope Benedict XVI has recalled moments of "joy and light" during his papacy but also times of great difficulty in an emotional, final general audience in St. Peter's Square before retiring. Benedict thanked his cardinals, colleagues and ordinary faithful for their support and for respecting his decision to become the first pope in 600 years to resign. He said that "to love the church means also to have the courage to take difficult, painful decisions, always keeping the good of the church in mind, not oneself."
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Klavan: Are We Not Men?

Great piece from one of my favorite modern writers:

The other day I had the interesting experience of finding myself in an exchange with friends that virtually reiterated an exchange from one of my novels — but in a sort of mirror image way. In my book The Identity Man, an old fellow says to the young hero, “So help me, all it takes for the world to crumble to nothing is for women to lose their virtue and men their honor.” The young man smiles to himself and thinks, “It was the usual old man complaint: the world’s not what it used to be. It’s all going to hell. Back in the day, everything was better. Blah, blah, blah. As if there was ever much honor or virtue in the world.”
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UK Pol: Let's "Put Down" the Disabled Because They Cost Too Much

This is not an aberration:

Social Darwinism/eugenics is making a comeback. In the UK, a local politician said that disabled children should be “put down” due to the expense of their care, and created a furor! From the This is Cornwall story:
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US Vocations Uptick Under Pope Benedict XVI

Thank you Holy Father:

Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy may have lasted eight years, but the retiring Holy Father and his reforms have left their mark on the American priesthood and sparked a new uptick in vocations. Father Michael Roche, 34, remembers when he left his desk at a Pittsburgh accounting firm to watch the news of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s election to the papacy in 2005.
Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/benedicts-men-u.s.-vocations-strengthen-during-his-eight-year-papacy?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NCRegisterDailyBlog+National+Catholic+Register#When:2013-02-27%2000:08:01#ixzz2M8NPRkYe Continue reading>>>

Student Punished for Refusing to Pledge Allegiance...To Mexico!!!

Todd Starnes finds the most awesome and disturbing stories:

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.
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Pro-life Doc Stands Against Cuomo's Radical Abortion Bill

Kathryn Lopez writes:

Dr. Anne Nolte, a family physician, takes time today from her busy patient schedule at the National Gianna Center for Women’s Health and Fertility she directs in Manhattan to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act.
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Cheeto Looks Like Joan Chittister

This is really funny. This is LarryD at his best:

Life hasn’t been quite the same for Toldeo, OH resident Sharon D. Wellth since finding a little piece of inspiration in her bag of Crunchy Cheetos on January 28. “I was watching Wheel of Fortune like I always do,” Sharon told AoftheA News, “eating my Cheetos, like I always do. I grabbed a handful and was about to eat ‘em when I looked at one, and I swear upon the tallest stack of thickest Bibles, one stared back at me. It looked just like Sr Joan Chittister.”
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Bishops Hit Back at Media

The Media Report has the story:

Ever since Pope Benedict announced his resignation, the media has given a special voice to the usual cadre of anti-Catholic bigots and malcontents lashing out at the Church over the decades-old abuse issue. However, in what may be the beginning of a positive development, two bishops are finally engaging in the public debate with these haters and calling them out for their inaccuracies. The time for bishops to speak out against the media jihad against the Catholic Church is long overdue.
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Catholic School Students: Church Teaching on Sexuality "Outdated"

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

The Barna Group has clarified its survey released last week showing that more Catholic school attendees find the Church’s teachings on sexuality “out of date” than do other young American Catholics. That survey considered only attendance at Catholic or faith-based elementary and secondary schools and not Catholic colleges as widely reported. The poll, conducted for Barna’s Faith That Lasts Project, included adults aged 18-29 “who attended a Catholic church at some point during their teenage years.”
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Chivalry is Dead; Long Live chivalry!

Awesome post from Zippy Catholic:

And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more. – Luke 12:48 In my previous post on chivalry we learned that there are two quite distinct traditional concepts of chivalry[1]. The Catholic Encyclopedia takes a dim view of female-focused “court” chivalry: I’ve attempted to put this dim view in contemporary terms by expressing it more or less as “don’t be a beta orbiter, not even just for a day”.
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Man Arrested for Valentines Balloon Gesture

Ninth month abortions are legal in many places but releasing balloons is not. Ace has a great take on morality being loosed from legality:

What was his crime? Rape? Murder? Home invasion? Defrauding 10,000 people in a pyramid scheme? Worse: As a romantic gesture, he released a dozen helium-filled mylar Valentine's Day balloons with his girlfriend. No really. This man is now a criminal charged with releasing Valentine's Day balloons in an effort to please his girlfriend.
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Top Authority of Morning After Pill: Yeah, It Causes Abortions

Dear German bishops, please read this:

The same month that Germany’s bishops have backed the use of the morning-after pill for rape victims, one of the world’s leading authorities on the drug has said doctors have a duty to inform women that it could prevent a newly-conceived embryo from implanting in the womb, causing an abortion. Dr. James Trussell, Director of Princeton’s Office of Population Research, makes the statement in an academic review on the drug dated February 2013 and co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth G. Raymond. "To make an informed choice, women must know that [emergency contraceptive pills] … prevent pregnancy primarily by delaying or inhibiting ovulation and inhibiting fertilization, but may at times inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium,” they write.
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The Real Lavendar Mafia?

I don't think anyone believes that PB16 is resigning because of them but there's no doubt that as to the existence of those who seek to change the Church from the inside.

There are much musings in Catholic circles currently about the existence of a “Lavender Mafia” and that perhaps the resignation of the Pope is tied in with a report to the Pope by three cardinals of blackmail and corruption of homosexual clergy high in Vatican circles. Who can tell if this is true, since the Vatican has issued non-denial denials denouncing the story while carefully not dealing with the substance of it.
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Catholic College Pays Lecturer to Bash the Church


Tim Wise sure gets around! Wise, an “anti-racist essayist”, has given over 600 campus speeches since 1995 that have done anything but promote “healing”, “harmony”, or “civility.” He managed to offend liberal CNN viewers with his suggestion that as a white man, he could converse on “blackness” with any authority. He got into a shouting match with citizen activism icon Andrew Breitbart. Now, he has taken his race-resentments and grievances to a Catholic school to tell the Catholic students there at their church is to blame for the death of American Indians.
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Next Pope Coming to America in 2015?

This could be awesome:

World Meeting of Families Coming to Philadelphia. Hundreds of thousands of people will gather in the city for the Vatican-sponsored event Sept. 22-27, 2015, and the next pope also is expected to attend.
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Long Live the New Progressive Pope

Kathryn Lopez writes:

The pope has renounced the papal throne. Long live the new progressive pope! Such are the rallying cries from establishment voices wanting to see the Catholic Church cease being Catholic now that Pope Benedict XVI will be pope no longer. That this chorus would have the Vatican dancing to the beat of a Lady Gaga song is no surprise. The fascinating rejoinder is: You know that Church that has been cast in conventional narratives as an oppressor of women and backward in the ways of the world, most particularly when it comes to sex? You know what Catholic women want from it? To hear more about what the Church actually proposes!
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Priest to Receive Medal of Honor


Emil Kapaun, a priest from Kansas celebrated for his actions during the Korean War and in a North Korean prisoner of war camp, will be awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama, the nation’s highest military award for bravery.
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Oscar Host Seth McFarlane’s Blatant Bigotry

Wesley J. Smith writes:

Can you imagine the Oscars allowing anyone to host the big show who had mocked defenseless minorities? No? Well, think again. This year’s host, Seth McFarlane, runs The Family Man, a show which castigated the late Terri Schiavo as a “vegetable,”–which, like the N-word, is an epithet meant to demean, degrade, and dehumanize. From my blog entry on the bigotry:
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Make Poker Mnadatory

The best of America can be found at a poker table.

...A poker table is America the way that television commercials portray it but it seldom is. A normal table of 10 at Charles Town has at least two or three Asians, one or two blacks, maybe a Latino, another one or two players who hail from some other part of the world, and maybe four or five plain-vanilla whites like me. Age is distributed from young guns in their 20s who raise relentlessly to geezers like me who are too tight and passive...

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Cardinal: Priests Should Be Able to Marry

Oh my.

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic has said he believes priests should be able to marry if they wish to do so. Cardinal Keith O'Brien said it was clear many priests struggled to cope with celibacy, and should be able to marry and have children. The cardinal will be part of the conclave that chooses the next Pope. He spoke of his surprise at the resignation of Benedict XVI, and said he was open to the new Pope coming from outside of Europe.
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Governor Baby Killer?

Gov. Cuomo seeks to radically liberalize abortion laws in NY:

Over the weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) announced that he plans to relax his state’s abortion law, and allow women to obtain late-term abortions if their health is at stake. It provides more latitude against the current statute, which says the only legal justification for a late-term abortion – as defined by the Supreme Court – is when the pregnancy threatens the mother’s health. Not surprisingly, pro-life activists are nervous.
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Cardinal Calls TV "Moloch" in Our Homes

You know the little box that brings you "Two and a Half Men" and "Glee".

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, who is leading the annual Lenten retreat for the Pope and leaders of the Roman Curia, preached on February 20 on Psalms 131 and 39. Reflecting on the image of the weaned child in Psalm 131, Cardinal Ravasi urged those with positions of responsibility in the Church to avoid the temptation “to look down on others from on high; instead, they like St. Therese should practice a childlike spirituality and also listen to children, “because they bring us back to basics” and “ask us those famous whys.”
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The Brazen Clericalism of Cardinal Mahony

Crisis Magazine reports:

As archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony was famous for his petulance, dispatching angry letters to priests and others whom he considered insufficiently deferential. But now that he finds himself in a subordinate position as a retired and rebuked bishop he displays none of the deference he once demanded. No sooner had his successor stripped him of his diocese-wide “administrative” and “public” duties than the cardinal took to his “blog” to pout over the demotion through a snubbing letter. Hinting at a powerful faction of Los Angeles movers and shakers behind him while adopting a tone of passive-aggressive innocence, Cardinal Mahony wrote on his blog that “others” had “encouraged” him to publicize his letter to Archbishop Jose Gomez. “I hope you find it useful,” he said.
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Ivy League Grad Seeks Truth

If all Princeton grads agreed with this the world would be a better place:

Truth is, I think, inherently linked to good: Everything that is good stems from institutions, ideas or innovations rooted in truth. When I speak of “truth,” I mean beliefs and statements that correspond to the actual state of affairs. In other words, truth is "what is." Of course, this view is directly opposed to relativism, or the idea that each person can figure out his or her own form of truth. If my assumptions are correct and truth is indeed both absolute and bound up with goodness, then understanding what truth is and how we find it would seem to be of paramount importance. Knowing truth shapes our view of the world and informs how we choose to live our lives.
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Vatican Appeases Chinese Gov't

Oh boy.

At 81 years old, the bishop who once led hundreds of thousands through the streets of Hong Kong — defying Beijing, demanding democracy and an accountable government — is not holding his tongue. Hong Kong's retired Cardinal Joseph Zen warns of an impending schism in the Chinese Catholic Church and blames the Vatican for allowing Communist Party officials to run roughshod over China's bishops.
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Reuters Publicizes Gays Hatred of Pope Benedict

Matthew Balan writes:

Robin Pomeroy did her best impression of a publicist in a nearly one-sided article for Reuters on Tuesday that spotlighted homosexuals in Rome "toasting the departure of the worst Church leader they can imagine" – Pope Benedict XVI. Pomeroy quoted extensively from LGBT activist Franco Grillini, but failed to mention his radical left wing politics, which included a run as a Communist Party candidate in Italy in the 1980s.
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Dan Savage Attacks Pope

Warning: Foul language. Media silent about this attack. The sick thing is that this guy has spoken on Catholic campuses:

Dan Savage is at it again. The foul-mouthed, bigoted host of MTV’s sex advice show “Savage U” and internationally syndicated columnist of “Savage Love” wrote this headline last Monday concerning the pope’s retirement:
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Morning after pill allowed in some German Catholic hospitals

Gloria TV reports:

At this moment, the German Bishops are holding their spring plenary meeting. One of their topics of discussion is the administration of the morning-after pill to potential rape victims in Catholic hospitals. Many bishops have already introduced this drug in their hospitals.
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Contraceptives: A Cruel Master

Ignitum Today reports:

I’ve grown quite weary of listening to Cecile Richards and Kathleen Sebelius drone on about their supposed concern for my “reproductive choices” and my “health care”. Haven’t you? They remind me of those little dolls I used to play with as a child–the dolls that came with a string attached that, when pulled, would play a recorded message like “feed me” or “I need a drink of water.” The messages never changed and, after awhile, I lost interest and stopped pulling the string. The big difference here is painfully obvious; these media dolls have the ability to pull their own strings.
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Are The Childless by Choice Hurting America?

Demographic disaster happens one person at a time:

Sitting around a table at a hookah bar in New York’s East Village with three women and a gay man, all of them in their 20s and 30s and all resolved to remain childless, a few things quickly became clear: First, for many younger Americans and especially those in cities, having children is no longer an obvious or inevitable choice. Second, many of those opting for childlessness have legitimate, if perhaps selfish, reasons for their decision.
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Dem: Ballpoint Pens Better at Stopping Crazed Shooter than Guns


Colorado Democrat: Ballpoint Pens Better Than Guns At Stopping A Crazed Shooter…
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Pro-Life Progressivism. A Look Back

Law professor Greg Sisk:

It is a sign of maturity that the Mirror of Justice has reached a point in its history in which we are circling back to earlier discussions from several yearas ago. In reading recent posts about the Pro-Life movement and whether it is too strongly connected to conservative or Republican politics and should instead become more affiliated with liberal or Democratic politics, I was reminded of earlier discussions along these lines. Way back in May of 2005, shortly after attending a Pro-Life Progressive symposium here at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, I posted my thoughts along with those of several others.
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Pravda: Obama Declares War on The Catholic Church

Must read of the day:

The Obama administration has declared war on the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations in the US. The soon to be implemented "Affordable Care Act" has several provisions in it which will adversely affect religious organizations. The US government is requiring religious organizations to comply with this law, some of which violates their religious beliefs.
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Klavan: Turn Out the Lights of Europe Before You Leave

Pope Benedict XVI: The last great European?

I write this hesitantly because it’s way outside my areas of expertise (action movies and things that explode in the microwave). Plus I’m not even Catholic. But I think Joseph Ratzinger — aka Pope Benedict XVI — is one of the greatest men of the age — possibly the only great man of the age — and almost certainly the last great man Europe will produce. As far as I’m concerned, he should turn the continent’s lights out as he steps down at the end of the month.
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Gary Wills on Colbert: Eucharist is Fake


Pitiful, just pitiful. That was my reaction on watching this five-minute clip from The Colbert Report, in which host Stephen Colbert talks with Garry Wills about his new book, Why Priests? A Failed Tradition. The book was published last week. Colbert is a Catholic but not, so far as I can tell, a completely orthodox one. Still, he professes to believe the faith. Wills doesn’t believe—at least not in any substantive sense—yet he continues to market himself as a Catholic.
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Catholic Priest Shot Dead in Zanzibar

Religion of peace attacks again:

Gunmen shot dead a Catholic priest outside his church in the capital of Zanzibar on Sunday, the second such attack on the Muslim-majority island in recent months. "Father Evarist Mushi was blocked by two young men at the entrance of the church, one of the attackers shot him in the head," said the island's police spokesman Mohammed Mhina.
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A Different Sort of Valentine

This one hits home:

Every day when we drive to school, we say set prayers. It is partially to settle the crowd in the van. It is partially to pray. It is partially to prevent or stop fights. It does not always work. But we do it. Each child has a separate designated prayer. The youngest gets the "Glory Be," the next "Hail Mary," the next, the "Our Father," then the "Hail Holy Queen" and the oldest going to the elementary school has "The Prayer of Saint Francis." I have the "Act of Contrition." Yes, sometimes there are editorials in those prayers. However yesterday, the children were not happy. The prayers came grudgingly. "Make me (Kick) an (Kick, Kick, Kick) HEY! an instrument of your peace... "Where there is Hatred..."MOM! HE'S KICKING MY SEAT!" Mom edict from front seat, "NO KICKING DURING PRAYER..."
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Paul Ehrlich and John Rockefeller and Population Control

Stacy McCain writes:

About Paul Ehrlich and ‘The Most Spectacularly Wrong Book Ever Written’
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Chief Rabbi in France Speaks Out on Gay Marriage

This great argument is interesting and from a perspective not often heard. Thanks to First Things for translating it:

A great many of our fellow citizens see demands for homosexual marriage as just one more step in the democratic struggle against injustice and discrimination, a continuation of the fight against racism. It is in the name of equality, of open-mindedness, of being progressive and right-thinking that we are asked to accept this challenge to the foundations of our society. It seems, moreover, on the basis of public opinion polls, that this challenge is already accepted by a majority of our fellow citizens and thus the question of its establishment as a matter of law has not provoked a debate worthy of the momentous issues at stake.
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I'm a Millionaire Because I had an Abortion

The great Cassy Fiano has a very disturbing video:

Jill Stanek highlighted a disturbing video yesterday, taken during San Francisco’s Walk for Life. In the video, Russell Hunter of Abolish Human Abortion was approached by a woman who had an abortion, who proclaims that she’s a millionaire because she had an abortion at eighteen.
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"Fem Sex" Workshop at Marquette

This figures.

Now happening at Marquette, according to a flyer posted around the campus two weeks ago: The Female Sexuality Workshop (FemSex) is a 12 week co-facilitated, student-led workshop that aims to create a mindful, safe, respectful, and open environment for participants to validate their experiences, challenge their ideas, and learn with and from others. Evolving from long-running courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, FemSex seeks to bring values of empowerment, diversity, and collective learning to Marquette University and the Milwaukee community.
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HBO Loves Kennedys, Hates Popes

Brent Bozell writes:

Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world on Monday morning by announcing he would resign at the end of February. For Catholics, there was sorrow and there was gratitude for a Holy Father who taught with such distinction and worked with such care to safeguard the church's theological traditions. But there are those people who hate the Catholic Church, and they are ecstatic. Take documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, a man who clearly thinks he is holier than the Pope. He told the Daily Beast that Benedict is a "criminal." This helps explain why he's made a documentary for HBO, the home of toxic God-haters like Bill Maher.
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Joy Behar Still Bringing Up "Hitler Youth."


On her Current TV show Say Anything on Tuesday night, Joy Behar brought on two political consultants to discuss the Pope’s resignation. Behar insisted that the Roman Catholic church made a terrible, mystifying mistake by selecting a pope who “was in the Hitler Youth.” Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman implied that the membership wasn’t entirely voluntary, but Behar wasn’t budging that his compulsory membership should have completely disqualified him from the papacy. (Rich Noyes video and transcript below.)
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6 Liturgical No-Nos for Lent

Jimmy Akin reports:

Like other liturgical seasons, Lent has its own special rules, and there are certain things that should not be done in Lent. Here are 6 of them . . .
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Pope Benedict's Last Mass

Beautiful and sad. Continue reading>>>

What is This "Grave Crisis" that PB16 Referred To?

A crisis of faith?

Profound Reflection on Pope Benedict's Resignation A friend forwarded me this reflection by Larry Chapp, a theologian who teaches at DeSales University in Pennsylvania, about Pope Benedict's resignation.
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Mary katherine Ham Takes on Media Adulation of Killer

She nails it.

A liberal critic of my comments on “The O’Reilly Factor” this week tweeted his displeasure with my assertion that factions of the “Left” and “some liberals” sympathized with Chris Dorner and even made him into a folk hero. He asked for examples. Here’s one:
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What Will Pope Benedict Be Called After His Abdication?

Fr. Z has some thoughts:

QUAERITUR: What will Benedict XVI be called after his abdication? Many have written asking what the Holy Father will be called after he abdicates his office on 28 February. I haven’t seen anything from the Holy See about this yet. However, I can speculate.
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Why Tolkien Nixed a Beatles Lord of the Rings

What an amazing story:

In 2002, the internet was set abuzz by news that the Beatles had approached J.R.R. Tolkien about doing a film version of Lord of the Rings starring the Fab Four: Once upon a time, the Fab Four—having slain the pop charts—decided to set their sights on the Dark Lord Sauron by making a Lord of the Rings feature, starring themselves. One man dared stand in their way: J.R.R. Tolkien. According to Peter Jackson, who knows a little something about making Lord of the Rings movies, John Lennon was the Beatle most keen on LOTR back in the ’60s—and he wanted to play Gollum, while Paul McCartney would play Frodo, Ringo Starr would take on Sam and George Harrison would beard it up for Gandalf. And he approached a pre-2001 Stanley Kubrick to direct.
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Actress Patricia Heaton posts Ash Wednesday photo

The priest got her good. Continue reading>>>

Kathy Shaidle Hearts Vincent Price

Like this:

The Seventies was a lousy time to be a kid. Oh, sure, it wasn’t all bad: We didn’t wear bike helmets. Our parents made us play outside (“Get out of this house, and don’t come back ’til the street lights come on!”). We “bounced around in the back of the station wagon.” No one was allergic to peanut butter, or very much else. Evel Knievel was a role model.
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Planned Parenthood Targets Cuccinelli

They know an enemy when they see one:

Planned Parenthood’s Political Arm Launches Campaign To Target Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli…
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Daily Beast Writes up Near Death Experiences to Hell

You don't hear too much about NDE's to Hell.

Lots of people hit their head and see visions of angels, but what about the dark side? Journeys to the devil’s domain are more common than you might think.
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Early Media Failures in B16 Resignation Story

Get Religion is rounding up some of the stupidest responses to this important story:

Early media failures in B16 resignation story Well that’s not the news I expected to wake up to! Pope Benedict has announced he’ll retire at the end of the month. And as Michael Brendan Dougherty writes: There is no way I’m prepared for the ignorance about to be on display in the media
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Kathryn Lopez on B16's Act of Humility

Nice piece by Kathryn Lopez:

“Have you considered resigning?” journalist Peter Seewald asked Pope Benedict XVI in an interview which was published in English in book form — The Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times — by Ignatius Press in 2010. “When the danger is great one must not run away,” he replied. “For that reason, now is certainly not the time to resign. Precisely at a time like this one must stand fast and endure the difficult situation. That is my view. One can resign at a peaceful moment or when one simply cannot go on. But one must not run away from danger and say that someone else should do it.” Peaceful wouldn’t exactly be the word to describe the current moment, of course . . .
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WaPo's Cilizza Compares Pope to Palin

What a jerk:

Stay classy: WaPo’s Chris Cillizza tweets ‘Pope Benedict, following Palin’s lead, resigns’
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CNN Anchor Blames Asteroid on Global Warming


We’ve seen some pretty incredible things blamed on Global Warming over the years, ranging from hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards to earthquakes and plunging penguin populations. But for your Sunday morning entertainment, one anchor at CNN may have finally set the bar higher than anyone else shall ever manage. Deb Feyerick was caught by the folks at Newsbusters chatting with Bill Nye, “the science guy” and suggesting that an entirely different phenomenon might be pinned on the changing climate.
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My Sunday at an Atheistic Church

This is pretty funny and insightful stuff from Kyle Beshears, who visited an atheist church and saw a God shaped hole there:

Last month I stumbled upon an article about an atheistic “church service” in London. I didn’t even read the whole thing before I decided I had to go. The Sunday Assembly, as the group is called, meets once a month at The Nave in North London for “anybody searching for a sense of community, to meet and ‘turn good intentions into action.’” It is, all things considered, an atheistic church. Yes. A church for atheists.
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Tragic Details of Carhart's Latest Victim

So devastatingly sad.

I did not report on the death last week of a patient of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart because I did not have corroboration. I now do. a470b078-5ece-4f99-8bca-4830b5722440Carhart’s alleged victims were 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, pictured right, and her 33-week-old preborn daughter, Madison Leigh. Read their obituary here. My sincere sympathies go to Jennifer and Madison’s family, who is certainly suffering unimaginable grief. I confirmed the identities of the victims through two sources. After a name ID was received from an impeccable informant, sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic positively identified Jennifer’s obituary photo. Jennifer’s obituary also states she “passed away suddenly.”
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Judge Approves Of 3 Parents on Birth Certificate


A Florida judge has approved the adoption of a 22-month-old baby girl that will list three people as parents on her birth certificate — a married lesbian couple and a gay man. The decision ends a two-year paternity fight between the couple and a friend of the women who donated his sperm to father the child but later sought a larger role in the girl’s life.
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The Commander-in-Chief’s Lack of Concern for His People

This is a heckuva condemnation:

When Osama bin Laden was killed, President Obama and his top officials huddled before a video screen in the White House, releasing a photo depicting how deeply involved the commander-in-chief was. When video from a drone showed terrorists attacking the American legation in Bengahzi, Mr. Obama discussed the matter in the Oval Office with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and General Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, for 20 minutes. They then returned to the Pentagon. Mr. Obama never talked to them again, not while Ambassador Stevens was missing, not when his body was brought to a Libyan hospital amidst concern that it was a terrorist trap, and not when a second attack killed two Americans at the CIA annex near the legation. Nor did Secretary of State Clinton ever call Mr. Panetta or General Dempsey.
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Lila Rose on Women's Death at Hand of Carhart Clinic


Statement by Live Action President Lila Rose on the news of the death of the 29-year-old woman at the hands of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart: While his twenty-nine-year-old patient and her eight-month-old baby were dying horribly, late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart skipped town, leaving the hospital and the young woman’s family desperate for answers. We know about this double-homicide only because a doctor with a conscience made the information public; after all, Carhart himself is busy whitewashing and promoting his grisly work through a Hollywood film. So how many women and children are killed by abortionists like Carhart without our ever knowing, their deaths covered up by pro-abortion physicians?
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Msgr. Pope on Exorcisms

Exorcism or Deliverance? Some Pastoral Reflections on Assisting the Faithful who are Tormented by Demons There is wide interest today in the topic of exorcism. The publication a couple of years of the The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio, and the subsequent movie and interviews with Fr. Gary Thomas have sparked some of this interest. Prior to this other books such as An Exorcist Tells His Story by Fr. Gabriel Amorth and other such books had paved the way for the renewed interest.
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DePaul Students Admit Vandalizing Abortion Memorial


Report: 13 DePaul students admit tearing down memorial for aborted babies. DePaul University has completed its investigation after an apparent act of vandalism destroyed a Pro-Life flag display on the school’s main campus. As The Daily Caller reported, the display was part of the Flags for Life Project initiated by DePaul’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. After reserving space on the campus quad in Lincoln Park, club members set up 500 colored flags — half blue, half pink — to symbolize the lives they believe are lost each day as a result of legalized abortion.
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Hospital Graduation Fulfills Mothers Final Wish

This is beautiful.

Like a typical graduation ceremony, the graduation march played, the graduate wore a cap and gown and all of the school officials were present. But this ceremony took place in an Ohio hospital room in January as a dying wish for the sole graduate's mother. She died the next day. Jennifer Linnabary's last wish after a four-year battle with mantle cell lymphoma, a rare blood cancer, was to see her son Ben graduate from high school.
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Father May Sue Catholic School to Exempt Child from Religious Studies

Uhm. How about you just send your kid to a public school? Sheesh. Some people.

According to a story in the Toronto Star, father Oliver Erazo is considering taking legal action in order to obtain a full exemption from religious courses and programs for his son at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. Erazo admits that he and his wife originally chose the school because of academics, and its proximity to their home – not for its religious orientation.
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I Found God at Columbia

Dennis Prager writes:

Not many people today can say that they found God or religion at college or graduate school. Most universities, after all, are thoroughly secular institutions that either ignore or disparage belief in God. Yet, one day, when I was a graduate student in international affairs at Columbia University, I had an epiphany. But first some background. Beginning in my first semester at Columbia, I was preoccupied with this question: Why did so many learned and intelligent professors believe so many foolish things? Why did so many people at my university believe nonsense such as Marxism? I was a fellow at the Russian Institute, where I specialized in Soviet affairs and Marxism, and so I encountered professor after professor and student after student who truly believed in some variation on Marxism.
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Christian University Names Bldg for Abortionist

I thought it was really bad when Sacred Heart University named a building after pro-abortion rights politician Linda McMahon. But I've got to admit the Seventh Day Adventists one-upped them.

Christian University in California Names Building After Abortionist I’d sure hate to be in charge of fundraising at La Sierra University right now. When word of this gets out to their alumni and major donors, there will be a lot of explaining to do.
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Tuition Free Catholic Schools?


A story of stewardship, Catholic education, and the vocational blessings flowing from a commitment to Catholic education. The stewardship model which funds Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wichita has blessed the local Church with numerous priestly and religious vocations, the diocesan superintendent of schools said. “Combined with the intensive daily formation in faith that our students receive in our Catholic schools, the spirituality of stewardship and the constant interplay between family and parish motivates young people to see their choice of vocation to be an act of stewardship in responding to God’s call,” Bob Voboril told CNA Jan. 30. “Because the stewardship way of life has been instilled so strongly into our families and students, our families are active members and leaders in their parishes.” The largely rural diocese with a mere 114,000 Catholics currently boasts 46 seminarians. Voboril noted that the openness to God's will in Wichita's young people can be seen as a natural effect of their parents' generosity in supporting His Church. The Wichita diocese provides tuition-free enrollment in its schools to the children of active parishioners, through its vigorous model of stewardship.
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Fr. Schall on Socialism as the Alternative to God

This is so smart:

The bookshelf in the home I was visiting contained a Doubleday Image edition of Fulton Sheen’s The Power of Love. The title sounded familiar. Then I realized that Sheen’s title was the opposite of the Machiavellian premise: “The Love of Power.” The proper relationship between love and power stands at the heart of civilizational order. Neither one will long exist without the other. Power without love is tyrannical. Love without power or strength is wimpish and ineffectual. The “power of love” manifests itself most in the Cross, at that moment when civil power is absolute, untouched by its relation to the Godhead. The following sentence of this 1968 book struck me: “Socialism is the love of neighbor without the love of God; it is the organization of society on a technical, scientific basis, rather than on charity. Love is not love unless it is directed to a person.” Benedict said pretty much the same thing in Deus Caritas Est.
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Kennedys vs. The Church

Long standing animosity:

Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Americans are still enthralled with all things Kennedy. There has been an endless stream of books, articles, and front-page tabloid headlines. And when a Kennedy speaks out on Catholic doctrine, the mainline media treats their pronouncements as ex cathedra.
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This Vid is Hilarious. How to Write Praise Music!

I nearly died laughing during the Powerpoint slides bit: Continue reading>>>

Obama Sends Video Love Letter to NARAL

He completes them.

Obama Sends Personal Video To NARAL Annual Dinner Affirming His Unwavering Devotion To Abortion… He doesn’t want anyone “punished” with a baby.
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Sometimes The Bad Guys Win

Big government vs. a family business. Goodbye family business:

In December, I wrote for NRO about how the federal government was killing a small, environmentally friendly oyster farm in California. It was a sad tale of government abuse: The Lunny family had invested everything they had in the farm, and they’d been successful with it. But the Interior Department, the National Park Service, and several environmental groups wanted to see the land the oyster farm was leasing turned into a wilderness area. They were willing to do whatever it took: They used deceptive science to justify the land grab. When the law became inconvenient, they simply ignored it.
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Catholic Leader: Christians Being Driven Out of Libya

Insert any other group than "Christians" and you'd have a world recognized tragedy on your hands.

Christians are being driven out of eastern Libya by Muslim fundamentalists, the Catholic Church’s main clergyman in the country told the Vatican missionary news agency Fides. The situation was “critical” and the “atmosphere very tense” in the Cyrenaica region, the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli said in the interview Thursday.
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Gary Sinise is THE MAN!

Check out the vid of him hosting the children of our fallen heroes on the set of CSI: New York:Continue reading>>>

Where the Womyn Priests Are

A shame.

This post gives me no pleasure, but is really very sad. The former Benedictine Sisters at Holy Wisdom Monastery who left their vows and “went non canonical” sometimes hosts so called “Roman Catholic Womenpriests” at their facility. As implied by the rainbow accoutrements, “Dignity” is a pro-homosexuality organization. I have personally met members of the Holy Wisdom Monastery congregation who were part of “Dignity” and who insistently believed in “women priests”. Joan Weiss mentioned in the text was a Madison “Call to Action” leader. The location isn’t noted on the Madison “Call to Action” dissent group website where I found these images, but is that not the Holy Wisdom Monastery sanctuary?
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Why Boys Are Falling Behind, And Why We Have to Fix It

Mary Katherine Ham writes:

Even addressing the issue of male academic underachievement can result in backlash from people incensed that society would bother caring about the disadvantages of men after spending decades and centuries ignoring the disadvantages of women. I understand that impulse, but as a person who cares deeply about her brothers, father, husband, and the possibility of raising decent men, should the opportunity arise, I have to care. Many others would no doubt feel the same if the problem were addressed with any frequency. As Christina Hoff Sommers writes in the New York Times, “fairness today requires us to address the serious educational deficits of boys and young men. The rise of women, however long overdue, does not require the fall of men.”
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Pro-Choice Pastor: Churches Must De-Stigmatize Abortion

Because we don't want to make abortionists feel bad. Jill Stanek reports:

Pro-choice pastor: Churches must “lead charge” against abortion stigma. Rev. Matthew Westfox. Many times in my ministry, a conversation with abortion clinic staffers that began with talking about the spiritual needs of patients ends on a far more personal note….
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Superbowl Smut

If you just landed on Earth last night and watched the Super Bowl you'd think that the most enviable people in the world were strippers. I actually watched the Super Bowl like I was watching a porn video. I kicked all the kids out. This piece at American Thinker nails it:

So many storylines that went into the NFL championship game last night: from two brothers coaching against each other to a first year starting quarterback versus one who has been dogged by skeptics of his ability to win 'the big one,' to the 'gay bowl' (a Ravens player wanting to use his platform to advance gay marriage versus a 49ers player who doesn't think homosexual practicing men would be very welcome in an NFL locker room). But even though the game turned out to be a good one, it's hard to say that anything should have drawn more attention than the skank-fest at halftime. Regardless of whether I'm accused of sounding like a prude, I'm a father of two little girls now, and the perspective that brings makes me not giving a flying flip about being called as much.
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Wounded Warrior Project Refuses Church Donation?

I can't believe this:

A Christian church and school in Florida are devastated after they said Wounded Warrior Project refused to accept their fund raising effort because it was “religious in nature.” “We were heartbroken,” said Wallace Cooley, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church and Academy in Fort Pierce, Fla. Cooley said they had already paid a $100 registration fee to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and were about to launch the campaign when they received an email from the organization.
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Catholic Health Group Apologizes, Affirms Commitment to Life

Glad to hear they're saying they got it wrong. We all mess up. They're admitting it.

Catholic Health Initiatives has joined Colorado's bishops in calling for protection of unborn children after the group's lawyers argued in a wrongful-death lawsuit that human fetuses are not persons. “The bishops are disappointed by what happened, without a doubt...but Catholic Health Initatives has recognized an error and has committed to moving forward and to changing their course, and that really does deserve to be commended,” J.D. Flynn, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Denver, told CNA Feb. 4. “Institutions and people make errors, but the Christian life is to take responsibility for what we've done and move forward, and so we're thankful for that.”
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When We Have Our Eyes Fixed on the Unseen, Inwardly We Are Being Renewed

Kathryn Lopez has this fitting tribute to a good man:

On Saturday, Michael Schwartz died. He is a familiar name and face to many conservatives and many who work on Capitol Hill. A truly good man, who inspired others around him to be good. He was chief of staff to Senator Tom Coburn for the last 15 years. When he had to finally retire from daily Hill work this past year on account of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Senator Coburn paid tribute to him on the Senate floor. Anyone who isn’t too busy to take a few minutes to be inspired to be better, to be truly good, in whatever it is we’re doing, might want to watch.
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RIP Bishop D'Arcy

Well done good and faithful servant:

The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has announced the death of Bishop Emeritus John Michael D’Arcy. He passed away today, the 56th anniversary of his first Mass as an ordained priest. He led the diocese for nearly 25 years.
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Yale, Peter Singer to Discuss Rights for Non-Humans

What could possibly go wrong?

Transhumanism is not just about transforming humanity. Part of the movement seeks to redefine what it means to be a "person" extending personhood rights to any kind of intelligence, artificial or otherwise. (This, of course, means that humans without a sufficient intelligence, determined by elite minds, would not qualify as persons.) Yale is hosting a conference to discuss non-human personhood. It is called The Personhood Beyond the Human conference and the transhumanist group The Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technologies has the details:
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USCCB, 4 Protestant Denominations Recognize Others' Baptism

In the name of The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit:

Representatives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Presbyterian Church-USA, the Christian Reformed Church in North America, the Reformed Church in America, and the United Church of Christ have signed an agreement formally pledging to recognize one another’s baptisms when water and the Trinitarian formula are used.
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Company Pulls "Virgin Mary Crisps"

Some good news.

Coffee and sandwich chain Pret A Manger has withdrawn its 'Virgin Mary' brand of crisps after a flurry of religious complaints. The coffee-shop made the costly decision to pull the brand after campaigners on the Protect the Pope website pointed out the offensive crisps branding to its members. Responding to the complaints, the religious website says Pret a Manger has 'apologised for any unintentional offence they have caused and have indicted that they will give any unsold crisps to the homeless'.
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Abortionists Receive Standing O at Sundance

Abortionist saints:

Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival featured a documentary celebrating four “amazing” abortionists who evacuate wombs in the third trimester of pregnancy. The critics in attendance loved it. The Philadelphia Inquirer boasted it drew “two standing ovations -- one for the doctors.” Sundance attendees in Utah were greeted by police and armed sheriffs in green jumpsuits that made a show of force outside the the theater. They had to have their bags searched and were inspected with hand-held metal detectors. After the movie was shown, two police officers stood at the front of the auditorium as the directors and the four abortionists featured in the film answered audience questions. The message was clear: pro-lifers are dangerous.
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HBO Serves Up Another Anti-Catholic Screed

What a shock.

Tossing aside honesty, fairness, and perspective in its desire to browbeat the Catholic Church, HBO serves up healthy doses of factual distortion, misleading claims, and bigoted sources in a new documentary scheduled to begin airing on the network on Monday. Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God is the latest project from filmmaker Alex Gibney, who has received accolades in the past for such films as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Taxi to the Dark Side.
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Extraordinary People Are Quite Ordinary, Thank you

This is an extraordinary piece fro Shelley at "Sleep Deprived Momma." These are the kinds of pieces blogs were created for:

There is a phrase that I despise, said by people who do not have a special needs child. It goes like this, “God only gives special kids to special people.” To be fair, I know that people say that because, 1) they do not know what else to say, and 2) They heard it before and think they are paying you a complement. I do not beleive that God is looking down from heaven and saying, “Who is special? Oh, that person is special and I am about to throw them for a loop.” What I have found is that God gives these special children to ordinary people who are full of faults and short comings and then HE turns us ordinary people into extraordinary people.
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Reporter Turns the Tables on Drunk Lady

Normally I don't root for the media but this is darn funny.

Cute. Actually, it doesn't really work though. Explanation: Sorry, in case you didn't catch the context: she's just doing a report on the Super Bowl or something. Nothing to do with STDs. When the drunk woman insists on sharing the shot, she pretends it's an STD report and identifies her as having an STD, hoping this will make her go
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