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Why "The Pill" for Men Won't Work

Hmmm. Maybe it's because men can't get pregnant?

Speculating about the future of contraceptive technology allows us to uncover the current motivations and beliefs of the contraceptive culture. It seems that the process of looking into the unknown forces us to put aside our present assumptions, at least momentarily. Therefore, let us consider another hypothetical: the male birth control pill. The male birth control pill has been 5 to 10 years off for the last 15 years. Nonetheless, many have written about this elusive innovation. One theme throughout the various writings is that women could not (or should not) trust men to reliably take the male pill. Therein lies the point of my post.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

RE: "because men can't get pregnant", there's also the (related) issue of Bateman's Principle. Since the female is the one who invests the most in conception, her sexual attention is effectively a commodity for which the male has demand (if you'll excuse the expression).

We're sorry that the two sexes do not have identical sex-drives; why it's almost as if they have different roles in the reproductive act.

There's a reason everything from mammals to birds to lizards to flies has males making courtship displays and females being choosy.

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