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The "You" God Made and the "You" on Social Media

Interesting insight from Cate Roberts:

When the first feelings of melancholy surfaced, I wondered if it was because winter had finally managed to find its way south. Then I began to notice a pattern in my days. I would hop online and giggle my way through a friend’s latest blog post, but immediately chastise myself for not updating my own. An acquaintance’s tweet of celebration upon completing grad school momentarily reminded me of my desire to add another degree to the wall. A former colleague contacting me with an offer to work with two high schoolers with Asperger’s syndrome, had me wistfully thinking about the career I had left to fully embrace my vocation as wife and mother. Finally, a picture of the Himalayan mountains posted to Facebook by a high school friend and his wife, who had sold their house and left their jobs to spend a year travelling the globe, had me sadly wondering about how many years it had been since I saw my passport outside of the safe deposit box.
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