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The boy lost his shorts

Another nice piece from one of the best Catholic writers out there. This one hit home:

I overheard a conversation between two of my boys one recent weekday morning. One boy was looking for his P.E. uniform shorts and when he couldn’t find them, I heard him calmly ask his brother if he had a spare. “I can’t find my shorts,” said the boy to his brother, “do you have an extra pair I can borrow?” “Sure,” was the matter-of-fact reply, “check my laundry basket.”
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Rượu ngoại Thanh Niên said...

No, we didn´t change. Simply because once you fell in love with this dram, there was hardly any "better stuff" having similar taste profile. In the days of "great Talisker" I drank quite a few older,stronger and more expensive whiskies but still this one was my love for a lifetime. One I kept going back to without a hint of disappointment. Sadly, for a crazy someone it wasn´t enough to launch the bland NAS expressions..on top of that they destroyed the 10yo Talikser as we knew and loved it.
What happened is that profit and simplification became more important than quality or customer satisfaction. These days there are not many whiskies as good as they were in 1990´s or early 2000´s.
I suggest trying Ardmore triple cask or Ledaig 10yo instead, both are miles away, pure art of whisky making.
I think I´m done with Talisker, my heart is now sold exclusively to Ardbeg.

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