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Pope's Graphic Condemnation of Abortion in 1588

Taylor Marshall writes:

Believe it or not, abortion was a growing problem way back in the 1500s. Some have speculated that this this was a response to an increased rate of prostitution. Whatever the case may be, Pope Sixtus V formally condemned abortionists in his papal bull Effraenatam, meaning in Latin 'without restraint.' The Holy Father uses the strongest words against those who kill the child while still in his mother's womb.
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Mary De Voe said...

The aborted soul is definitely scandalized by being aborted, like every homicide victim. If the unbaptized soul cannot go to heaven is unknown to us because the single celled human being has an immortal soul and intellect and free will with sovereign personhood from the first moment of conception, in original innocence, moral and legal innocence and may have used his free will to will to become a saint, which is what St. Thomas Aquinas said to his sister. "Will it"

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