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Oscar Nominated Film Glorifies Euthanasia

Killing old people is compassion, you know.

The biggest statement of this year’s Oscar nominations is the extraordinarily fawning attention being given to Amour; a very little French-language film written and directed by the ever-despairing Austrian director, Michael Haneke. The best review I read of the film expressed the tone and “big idea” thusly: “Haneke is playing with the same themes of alienation and isolation, repression and bleakness that have marked his entire career. The pair of lead performances makes it convincing to a point, but these poor characters are merely players in a signature act of desperation, Haneke style.”
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

It's happening already, especially in Britain under the National Health Service, the single-payer government program:


It's also happening in this country. Once you get past a certain age, the medical establishment doesn't care about you. I experienced this during my late mother's fight with cancer three years ago. She was 82 when she died.

When people, especially doctors, talk about "suffering," they're actually talking about disposing of patients they couldn't be bothered to care for. Ditto for nursing homes.


The Nazis tried to promote euthanasia through the media, such as a film called "I Accuse." (do a Google search). A brave Catholic bishop, von Galen of Muenster, fought against euthanasia from the pulpit. The Nazis backed down.

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