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How’s that women-empowering sexual revolution thing working out for you?

This is the most disturbing thing I've read today. Mind you, it's early. But I really can't imagine something disturbing me more. Caution: some pretty crude things going on.

From the U.K. Telegraph: A friend’s daughter recently started at a highly regarded boarding school. When her mother asked how she was enjoying the mixed-sex environment, the girl said quietly: “You have to give the boys oral sex or they get cross.” Reeling with shock, the mum protested that her darling daughter did not have to do anything of the sort. “Oh yes you do,” replied the girl. “And you have to shave down there or the boys don’t like it.” That’s just a sample. There’s also:
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Mary De Voe said...

Informed sexual consent, all consent begins at emancipation usually eighteen years of age, when a person, male and female gets to vote. All the rest is statutory rape, sexual abuse, assault and battery of a sexual nature and needs to be prosecuted by fathers, mothers and all citizens. It is the duty of the state, the public government to protect and preserve virginity and innocence in the people. This is the standard of Justice for the state and the common good. Without Justice all people are induced to become predators. Predators of every strip need to be prevented. Oh, How I wanted to say castrated, but they are ignorant of the wrath of God. Wait until the girl becomes a woman and realizes what was perpetrated on her. All hell will break loose. Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned.

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