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Here Come the Parents with the Pitchforks!

School choice, spreading like wildfire:

The school choice movement is extraordinary because it’s not inspired by any political figure. Instead, it’s an organic, grassroots parent movement inspired by extreme dissatisfaction with the status quo. It is a purely American protest movement, uniquely bipartisan and multicultural. But it’s more than a protest movement; it has become a successful, constructive change agent. I can’t imagine an industry more ripe for restructuring than K-12 education. Governments run this monopoly, spending nearly $600 billion annually on K-12 education. Meanwhile, SAT scores recently hit a 40-year low. (Here come the parents with the pitchforks.)
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Mary De Voe said...

$600 billion taxes that belong to the taxpayers even while administered by the administration. What took them so long? Thank God.

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