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Fr. Jenkins Makes Ironic Plea for Civility

Maybe he doesn't know what that word means.

Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C., the president of the University of Notre Dame, has a piece in The Wall Street Journal pleading for civility in debate. This is not the first time that Fr. Jenkins has used that word. In fact, calls for “civility” have become something of a hallmark of his presidency of the University. In recent years, there have reportedly been on-campus panel discussions on civility, a University forum called “A More Perfect Union: The Future of America’s Democracy,” and posters urging students to take the “Notre Dame Pledge for Virtuous Discourse,” which encourages students to engage in respectful dialogue. And in 2009, “civility” was one of Fr. Jenkins’ most often used defense of his decision to honor pro-abortion rights President Barack Obama.
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