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Cuomo Doubles Down on New York’s Abortion Regime

Cuomo wants to make NY's liberal abortion laws more liberal.

According to data publicized by the Chiaroscuro Foundation beginning in 2011, the rate of abortion in New York City is nearly twice the national average, with 40% of pregnancies ending in abortion in the City. In some zip codes, the abortion ratio approaches 60%.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

So, is Cdl. Dolan going to prohibit Gov. Cuomo from receiving the Eucharist, or will the New York State bishops' conference do so?

I ain't a-holdin' my breath...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Read this from the National Catholic Reporter regarding Cdl. Dolan's response:


Key excerpts:

The cardinal made the comments in a letter to the governor after Cuomo delivered his annual State of the State address, which opens the legislative session.

He congratulated the governor on his remarks, saying: "There is much to cheer in your report, and my brother bishops and I look forward to working with you to advance much of this agenda."

He noted Cuomo's references to recent gun violence in the nation and said the Catholic leaders share his "absolute horror" over such incidents, including the "unspeakable massacre" in Newtown, Conn., that claimed 26 innocent lives Dec. 14.

In his speech, Cuomo outlined an agenda for the coming session that includes reforming gun laws, improving the state's health care system, bettering care for the mentally ill, working for safer schools and raising the minimum wage. He also backed a number of measures on women's issues, including the proposed Reproductive Health Act to codify abortion in state law.

Dolan told him while there was much to praise in the address, "I would be remiss if I did not renew my great disappointment regarding your continued support for the radical Reproductive Health Act."

He urged Cuomo to reconsider his support for the Reproductive Health Act and said he is always available "to discuss this or any other matter with you at any time."

"My brother bishops and I would very much like to work closely with you," Dolan said, "to reduce New York's scandalous abortion rate and to provide an environment for all women and girls in which they are not made to feel as though their only alternative is to abort."

Cdl. Dolan, like most of the American bishops, loves to kiss politicians' posteriors. Otherwise, why is he soft-pedaling this?

Catholics, how do you like your episcopal messiah now?

Sophia's Favorite said...

Well, Amazon Queen, do tell: what is the name of this perfect church you measure the Catholic Church against? Where did it exist? In what era? When did it cease to be?

And, how does the fact that it evidently exists in no discernible form in our present world, not constitute "the gates of Hell prevailing against it", which Christ promised wouldn't happen?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

SF, I suggest you do some research on a Bishop von Galen of Muenster. During the 1930s, he spoke out openly and angrily against the Nazis' attempt to foist euthanasia on the German public. Largely because of his efforts, the Nazis backed down on that issue.

Dolan ain't no von Galen.

I'm not measuring the Catholic Church against any "perfect church" but against the standards of Christ Himself. He was never a mealy-mouthed politician.

And, how does the fact that it evidently exists in no discernible form in our present world, not constitute "the gates of Hell prevailing against it", which Christ promised wouldn't happen?

You confusing mere existance with fidelity. I'm sure you wouldn't make the same argument about Protestant and Eastern Orthodox churches, which are no less Christian than the Catholic Church.

Christ never talked about an institution but a body of believers who would remain faithful. The writers of the epistles pointed that out when they prophesied mass apostasy during the "latter days," which we've been in since Pentecost.

Besides, those who control the "gates of Hell" can hire agents to sabotage any attack from Christ's followers. Think about that one long and hard.

Sophia's Favorite said...

When did I agree that Protestants are no less Christian than Catholics, Amazon Queen? Given their heretical eschatology, ecclesiology, and soteriology, no, actually, none of them are as Christian as we are—and given the mainstream of most of them no longer even considers Christ to be God, they're arguably not even Christian at all.

As for the Orthodox, yes, they are as Christian as the Catholic Church...because they retain Apostolic Succession and the Deposit of Faith, both of which you deny, Queenie. Or did you really not know that everything you say against the Catholic Church goes double for every Orthodox Church? Admit it, you don't actually know anything about them.

Please stop making such ostentatious displays of your pig-suckled ignorance, insect, it annoys the actual sapients.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

SF, you have a magnificent way of skirting the issue while using a barrage of personal insults as cover.

Did you get your mail-order degree from the Mark Shea Correspondence School of Cut-Rate Theology? How many box tops did you have to submit? Did your thesis emphasize how many ways you can insult a person while not addressing the issue at hand?

Your attitude typifies what's wrong with the vast majority of Catholic bloggers and comment-thread participants: Arrogance and ignorance of anything outside of your narrow self-built constructs.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

By the way, unless you have something positive to add, this "discussion" with you is terminated.

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