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Chelsea Zimmerman and Rebecca Taylor on Three Parent Embryos

Two of the best Catholic bloggers out there telling you everything you needed to know about three parent embryos. Mind you, what's going on is horrendous. They're creating life to destroy it.

BioTalk Episode 2: Three Parent Embryos and the Brave New United States.
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Mary De Voe said...

There is nothing civil about homosexuality and abortion. The “right to choose” abortion and gay marriage is about redefining the human being as having no immortal soul and dominance.
In the animal kingdom which Cass Sunstein, Obama’s propaganda czar, wants to redefine as legal persons, the dominant gorilla kills and cannibalizes the offspring of the defeated leader of the colony of gorillas. The dominant lion king of the pride kills the cubs of the driven off, former king of the lion pride. It is dominance. Unfortunately, even in the human species, second husbands, step mothers and the like often neglect or drive away children of the first husband or wife.
There is a great difference between the definition of the animal kingdom and the definition of the human species and this difference is the human being’s free will and intellect, the rational, immortal, human soul. Men are endowed by “their Creator” with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The pursuit of Happiness is man’s destiny, the freedom to follow our talents and gifts and especially the freedom to be, that is, to exist as a human being, unencumbered by man-made prohibitions and proscriptions. Ian Fleming of James Bond fame wrote: “Isn’t all (human) law the crystalization of human prejudice?”. Whether Ian Fleming believed in man’s immortal, human soul, I cannot say. Maybe, Fleming did not have a need to believe in the free will of the human soul.
When gorillas, lions, dogs, moose and even ladybugs mount the same sex in their species, it is not a matter of procreation, it is a matter of dominance. It is an effort to drive away their competition and assert themselves as the strongest and most dominant member of their species. It is about which gorilla is the most and best gorilla, lion, ladybug, etc. The rest are subservient to the pride, or horde or group.
Because of man’s immortal soul, the individual, in the exercise of his freedom may go about unmolested in his existence. Man’s existence must acknowledge “their Creator” and “unalienable rights”. In the same way that animals have natural rights to be natural animals, man has a natural and a supernatural right to be a human being of body and soul, a physical being with metaphysical life.
Abortion destroys the human life in the womb without answering the question of the human being’s rational soul. The finality of death redefines the newly begotten human being as having no soul. Having been redefined as having no soul, the newly begotten is redefined as having no sovereign personhood, no unalienable rights and no civil rights. The infant in the womb is redefined in the dominance of herd mentality.
The civil rights movement was to legally acknowledge the human being’s soul and define the black man as fully human with a soul, sovereign personhood and unalienable rights.
There is no civil right to redefine the human being.
The action of the dominant male or female in homosexual behavior redefines the human being as having no immortal, rational soul.
There is no civil right to do violence to the human being’s immortal soul.

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