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A Conversion Miracle!!!

Must read of the day from Elizabeth Esther:

Two years ago, I was in the Confessional, arguing with my priest. This is what I do. I go confess my sins and then end up arguing about stuff. I’m like a whiny little kid, all defensive about my ridiculous self. Thankfully, my priest finds this amusing and not offensive. On this particular day, I was confessing a sin I’d confessed at least fifteen times before: angrily arguing with my husband about the Catholic Church. Suddenly, I stopped. From behind the Confessional screen, I could hear my priest chuckling softly. It was an affection chuckle–the kind I sometimes use with my own kids when they are being So Predictably Ridiculous.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, did you happen to peruse her sight just a little? Because she has a post there about how she regrets voting for California's Prop 8 and apologizes...


Maybe we need just a wee bit more conversion...

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