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2-4-6-8 Time to Transubstantiate!!!

Funny stuff from LarryD. If you're offended, please see LarryD. Not me.

Go to any high school football or basketball game, and one thing you can count on witnessing is the troupe of cheerleaders – supporting the home team with exuberant cheers, and generating fan excitement with chants of “Go Team Go!”, and acrobatic flips, tosses and balancing acts. And now members of St. Bacchanalia in Rogers City MI get to witness them too – before, during and after Mass, thanks to their new pastor, Fr Cale S. Thennick.
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Margaret said...

What's killing me are the commenters on Larry's page that don't realize this is a parody...

Larry Denninger said...

I'm offended!!

Thanks for the link...

Margaret - it only took 28 minutes this time for the first comment to appear. I think that's a record for fastest outraged comment.

Anonymous said...

tom lerhers Vatican rag! Love the reference.

'first you get down on your knees, fiddle with your rosaries, bow your head in great respect and genuflect, genuflect, genuflect


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