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Sherry is "Decadently Procreative"

Children as status symbol? Seriously?

Recently I came across a post from a New York magazine entitled, the Decadence of Procreation. It argued that because children cost so much, some odd unknown number between 12,290 and 1.8 million, having them is a status symbol and a sign of decadence --of having something inaccessible and rare as versus the masses. To me, there's a huge difference between the just over 10K and the 1.8 million in a year, but that may be my 1%er brain not getting that there isn't any difference. I didn't even know that people coveted dressage horses and third beach houses. Clearly, I've got to work on my covetous heart, it isn't nearly decadant enough.
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Sophia's Favorite said...

Given most "population control" is targeted at Latin America, Africa, and Asia, mightn't the people who support it pause to reflect on the implications of "children are status symbols"? I mean, we have a name for those who try to keep status symbols out of brown people's hands. It starts with an R.

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