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Pope Defends Traditional Family

Definitely worth reading. I mean, he is the Pope and all. He's kinda' brilliant.

It is with great joy that I meet you today, dear Members of the College of Cardinals, Representatives of the Roman Curia and the Governorate, for this traditional event in the days leading up to the feast of Christmas. I greet each one of you cordially, beginning with Cardinal Angelo Sodano, whom I thank for his kind words and for the warm good wishes that he extended to me on behalf of all present. The Dean of the College of Cardinals reminded us of an expression that appears frequently during these days in the Latin liturgy: Prope est iam Dominus, venite, adoremus! The Lord is already near, come, let us adore him! We too, as one family, prepare ourselves to adore the Child in the stable at Bethlehem who is God himself and has come so close as to become a man like us. I willingly reciprocate your good wishes and I thank all of you from my heart, including the Papal Representatives all over the world, for the generous and competent assistance that each of you offers me in my ministry.
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Mary De Voe said...

Without the mystery of the Hypostatic Union, man can never understand himself. Without understanding of himself, man cannot love himself. Jesus Christ is wisdom and grace…and peace and love. Jesus Christ “grew in wisdom and grace” means that the Body of Christ responded in perfect obedience to the wisdom and grace of Christ’s soul. Jesus Christ is pure wisdom and He teaches man how to respond in obedience to wisdom.
The Virgin Mary was created in perfect virginity and innocence and was preserved from original sin by consenting to remain in perfect virginity and innocence. “I do not know man” Virgin and Mother. This act of free will to remain the handmaiden of the Lord was required of Mary, lest other virgins think that Mary did not have a human soul with freedom. Christ’s Mother chose to be created and remain immaculate from the very first moment of her conception. Mary’s choice was granted by her Creator and her privilege is called the Immaculate Conception.
All men come into being at the will of God, our Creator, body and soul, endowed with sovereign personhood with free will to chose to remain in original innocence and virginity. Through fault in our sovereign personhood, men must deal with concupiscence and the temptation to sin. Adam and Eve refused to remain in obedience to God. The children of Adam are scandalized forever and must endure the struggle. Man cannot accomplish himself until death seals the soul in relationship with God.
Some men refuse to know, to love and to serve God in the newly begotten, innocent virgin, the sovereign person serving God in the womb. In denying his own soul, the abortionist denies the soul of the unborn person he murders, and the immortal soul of every other human being. Only by acknowledging his own rational soul can any human being recognize his humanity and endowed unalienable human rights. Only by acknowledging our Creator, can man recognize his sovereignty over his own person and accomplish himself.
WHO is like unto God.

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