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Planned Parenthood and the Government v. Religious Liberty and Women’s Wellbeing

Dr. Helen Alvaré brilliantly writes:

An unprecedented campaign against religious liberty, characterized by a formidable alliance between the White House and Planned Parenthood, bolstered by money, power, and market branding, is threatening women’s well-being. The first in a three-part series.
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Mary De Voe said...

Roe v. Wade made of all conceived human beings, wards of the court, and gave custody to the woman to abort at will, denying the father the office of his fatherhood and disenfranchised men ownership of their offspring and seed.
The HHS Mandate was added AFTER Congress passed the Affordable Healthcare Act bypassing informed consent of the constituency and imposing cruel and unusual punishment in the form of devastating and destructive fines and/or penalties or taxes not passed by Congress, a necessary passage for all taxation, becoming taxation without representation. The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.
The practice of virtue is the realm of the human soul exercising an act of free will. The Catholic Church practices the virtues of charity and chastity. The principle of separation of church and state dictates that the practice of the virtues of charity and chastity, all virtues, are protected by the First Amendment “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
Truth in advertizing requires that contraception label all contraindications, but consumers do not believe that their lives are at risk in using the death sentence condoms that do NOT PROTECT AGAINST HERPES and HIV/aids and have a 12% failure rate. Consumers do not know that our drinking water, ground water sources, are polluted by female hormones from the PILL. Women are not told that abortion murders another human being, a sovereign person, who belongs to the father and the mother, a fact that Roe v. Wade miscarried, hid and perjured. One person cannot own another person without denying the sovereign person’s rational, immortal soul and their Creator endowed unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Anyone who denies unalienable rights to another citizen forfeits his own citizenship. Anyone who repudiates our founding principles repudiates is citizenship and freedom and may become a foreign entity and deported, unless the afore said person reaffirms these founding principles. Murder of another innocent, sovereign person is homicide. Murder of our constitutional posterity is treason.

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