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If You're a Catholic, you no longer can own a company."

Frank O'Brien says:

‘In essence, if you are Catholic in this country, you no longer can own a company,” Frank O’Brien explains.
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Anonymous said...

I think that if you are a practicing Catholic you can't purchase from any health insurance in good conscious, whether through your employer or on your own. All insurance companies write policies at some point that are contrary to Catholic teaching. This is why I will be uninsured starting tomorrow.

Matthias said...

Thankfully here in Australia we have private health insurance that is up to individuals and families to choose to have or not to have.
We also have Medicare which covers 60% of all doctors bills,and pays for the hospitalisation in public hospitals-government owned and run- for those who do not have private health insurance. We all pay through our tax and those people on a income over $70,000.00 without private health insurance are slugged with a higher medicare rebate than if they did have private health insurance. Those of us with it get a 30% reduction .It is meant that the most vulnerable are protected and it seems both major parties -Conservative and Labor-have learnt not to mess with Medicare.
But it means then that we do not have employers placed in morally reprehensible positions.

Mary De Voe said...

Who in their right mind gave Sebelius the power to tax or penalize citizens or run our souls into hell?

Rationalist1 said...

Just because you employ a employee doesn't mean you get to determine his or her health care decisions.

Sophia's Favorite said...

If it comes to that, just because you perform a service for an employer doesn't mean they should be responsible for your healthcare. Up until it became an alternative to raises (during World War II), employers providing healthcare was largely seen as infantilizing and tantamount to slavery.

But if an employer chooses to cover their employees' healthcare—as an additional incentive to have you seek employment with them—it's entirely up to them what they will or won't cover. Is the concept of "free contract" maybe confusing you?

Rationalist1 said...

I do agree that employers are not the most efficient means to distribute heathcare. That said if they choose to offer heathcare or are now required then they need to follow the rules and regulations about how it is administered.

You regulates your health care?

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