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Gov. Jindal Draws Criticism from Church

I don't think Jindal was approving the use of contraceptives per se but his angle on it is a political one in an attempt to take contraceptives out of the HHS mandate:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has voiced his support for over-the-counter access to birth control, a position that Church representatives say goes against Catholic teaching on contraception. “The Archdiocese of New Orleans disagrees with Governor Jindal’s stance on this issue, as the use of birth control and contraceptives are against Catholic Church teaching,” Communications Director for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Sarah Comiskey McDonald, told EWTN News on Dec. 14. Robert Tasman, Associate Director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, also echoed the archdiocese’s statement. Gov. Jindal, a Catholic, argued in a Dec. 13 editorial for the Wall Street Journal that allowing access to artificial birth control without a prescription would remove politics from contraception, while also protecting the rights of individuals who are morally opposed to paying for its coverage.
Read more: http://www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/US.php?id=6734#ixzz2FLJnFvXVContinue reading>>>

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