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Douthat: More Babies Please

Reading Douthat's wise take on the plunging birthrate makes me just wonder why on earth we're making free contraceptives a right:

IN the eternally recurring debates about whether some rival great power will knock the United States off its global perch, there has always been one excellent reason to bet on a second American century: We have more babies than the competition. It’s a near-universal law that modernity reduces fertility. But compared with the swiftly aging nations of East Asia and Western Europe, the American birthrate has proved consistently resilient, hovering around the level required to keep a population stable or growing over the long run.
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Elizabeth said...

The comments section from this New York Times article are a little bit frightening. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the rabid ultra-liberal comments showing their outrage and contempt for such an idea as "having babies" ~ gasp! Sadly, I have two sisters who are thoroughly liberal and secularized with that not-too-subtle sense of superiority over anyone that speaks of religion or traditional values.

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