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Culture Where Homosexuality and Abortion Don't Exist

The Atlantic reports this very interesting story:

Barry and Bonnie Hewlett had been studying the Aka and Ngandu people of central Africa for many years before they began to specifically study the groups' sexuality. As they reported in the journal African Study Monographs, the married couple of anthropologists from Washington State University "decided to systematically study sexual behavior after several campfire discussions with married middle-aged Aka men who mentioned in passing that they had sex three or four times during the night. At first [they] thought it was just men telling their stories, but we talked to women and they verified the men's assertions." In turning to a dedicated study of sex practices, the Hewletts formally confirmed that the campfire stories were no mere fish tales. Married Aka and Ngandu men and women consistently reported having sex multiple times in a single night. But in the process of verifying this, the Hewletts also incidentally found that homosexuality and masturbation appeared to be foreign to both groups.
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Mary De Voe said...

The human experience of sex is compared with bonobo apes. Human beings are fertile between the menstrual periods. Animals are fertile during "heat", the menstrual cycle, which is most often precipitated by the act of copulation by the animals. The article was disappointing in that the investigators were looking with their eyes and not seeing holiness.

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