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Catholic College Removes Cross from Brand


The symbol of Saint Joseph’s College, the only Catholic college in Maine, has long been a seal with a cross on a shield with the motto “Fortitudo et Spes” meaning “Fortitude and Hope.” But the president of the college just announced in a letter to students forwarded to The Cardinal Newman Society that after an extensive marketing study, the college founded by The Sisters of Mercy will be removing the cross and motto from the logo. “This is about much more than a logo or a look,” said Brent Wooten, director of online marketing for Saint Joseph’s in the college’s magazine. “It’s about who we are.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Are the Sisters of Mercy still running an abortion clinic in Maine? They were in the 1970

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Couldn't they at least wait long enough for the pursuivants to heat up the irons to room temperature before caving?

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