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Belmont Abbey Back in Court

The college that started it all:

Belmont Abbey College was the first to sue the Obama administration over the HHS mandate last year. Following a setback where a judge, an Obama appointee, dismissed their case because the Obama administration had not yet amended regulations to better reflect religious objections as it has promised to do, Belmont Abbey College will be back in court Friday.
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Mary De Voe said...

The state can impose the freedom of the virtues, especially and including the virtue of charity. Only the sovereign person is able to and may discern the way of the virtue of charity for himself as an individual, as the virtue of charity is and always must remain voluntary. The HHS Mandate imposes the virtue of charity as redistribution. The virtue of charity must be voluntary or it is extortion, being extorted as taxes or as penalties and as tyranny.
The principle of separation of church and state dictates that the state may not define the virtues of Charity or Faith and Hope for the conscience of its sovereign citizens. Sovereign personhood is endowed by our Creator at the beginning of each and every life of the human beings composed of body and rational, immortal soul. The sovereign person must pursue his Happiness, each in his own way, for his own destiny and for the good of the state.

Mary De Voe said...

The HHS Mandate violates the first civil right to the pursuit of Happiness for the individual sovereign citizen and for the artificial legal person of the corporation designed after the model of the sovereign person. The state has confused the created person and his Creator, with the invented artificial person of the state constituted by the created sovereign person. Caesar belongs to God.

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