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Thinking Rationally About Secession

The American Catholic reports:

Secession has been in the news lately. Well, not the mainstream news, for the most part, but local, Internet and alternative news outlets have been reporting a growing number of signatures added to secession petitions submitted to Washington (one has it at over 750,000 signatures). This began almost immediately after President Obama’s reelection, and while no one really expects this particular movement to go anywhere, people on both sides of our political divide take it somewhat seriously as a sign of how polarized and unstable our situation has become.
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Mary De Voe said...

Our founding principles are Truth, Justice and the American Way. Let us take back our country, instead of abandoning America to totalitarianism by secession. Those who will not abide by our founding principles are free TO LEAVE. This is why they are called THE LEFT. THE LEFT has redefined God, the human being, religion, freedom, marriage, charity, and the individual’s identity as a person. THE LEFT has surrendered our sovereignty as a nation to totalitarian regimes. What remains of us, the Holy Remnant will speak truth to power.
I am convinced that the petition to secede was THE LEFT’S collection of individuals to whom no benefit but euthanasia is to be given.

Sarah said...

I wouldn't be so quick to label those considering secession as being part of the left. The leftists are in control of the federal government, and many of those who signed those petitions are aware of the threat the leftists pose to the sovereignty of each state--a sovereignty still valued by many, though none, I think, among those on the left.
I don't think the petitions were instigated by the left, but I wouldn't be surprised if, as you suggest, the left were to use it to target those inclined toward secession (add them to a "enemies of the state" list or something like that).

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