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The People Have Spoken, Right?

David L. breaks down the election:

One week ago today, we learned the results of this year's general election, including that of President of the United States. As forty-eight percent of the population were stunned by the results the following morning, fifty percent of the population were jubilant at what they termed a "decisive" victory. Now, fifty percent is hardly decisive. Neither is fifty-one percent, which is what they had once Florida's votes were counted. As the inevitable appeared likely, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly had this to say as to why the incumbent would be re-elected.
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lindyb said...

i can't get this link or the link to the article about the battle over religious freedom intensifying to work. i'd really like to read them--can you try to repost the links? THANKS!

lindyb said...

okay i now got this one to open, but the other article i still can't find. who wrote it? i can google it.

David L Alexander said...

Hey all. If you're having trouble with "man with black hat," so was I, and I'm the author. I've managed to fix some coding issues, but perhaps not all of them. If you're using Firefox, try another browser.

I'll get to the bottom of this. Really.

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