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The in-Crowd Chose Barabbas

What a great line from Sherry Antonetti in a great piece:

No one no one no one no one no one ever wants to be rejected. No one wants to be thought clueless, uniformed, lazy, stupid or unthinking. We're human. We want to be in the in crowd. We want to belong. We certainly don't want to be written off or dismissed or ignored. So right now, being Catholic means you probably don't want to talk about the current push for same sex marriage. We'd honestly rather fold socks, clean out the fridge, paint the stoop, schedule a root canal, wait on hold with insurance, clean the bathrooms and deal with the I.R.S. rather than talk about this subject because we know the only way we don't get clobbered by the politically correct police is to parrot the I'm cool with that line, or be invisible, silent.
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