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NCR Attacks Cardinal Newman Society for 3rd Time in a Week

Now they're saying that Blessed Cardinal Newman wasn't a big fan of faithful Catholic colleges:

The thoughts and writings of Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman have great relevance to the Church today, especially regarding the scourge of “liberalism” as he labeled the rationalist/secularist mindset in academia more than a century ago. Read his sermon “The Infidelity of the Future” and consider the relevance to today’s crises of secularism, religious freedom and clergy sex abuse. So it’s not surprising that “progressives” in the Church today—many of whom seem to have as much a problem with Catholic doctrine and practice as they do with perceived clericalism—prefer a rather distorted view of Newman. Newman is easy to distort and misquote, which ironically is what one NCR columnist (a former journalism professor at a secular university) now accuses The Cardinal Newman Society of doing.
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