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"End This Pregnancy and Tie Her Tubes"


‘End this pregnancy and tie her tubes.’ That was the stark advice given by a a court-summoned doctor in a possible forced abortion case involving a mentally handicapped woman in Nevada, according to a transcript of a Nov. 1 hearing obtained by LifeSiteNews. Judge Egan Walker of Nevada’s 2nd District Court is holding evidentiary hearings to determine whether to order 32-year-old Elisa Bauer to have an abortion against the wishes of her adoptive parents and legal guardians, Bill and Amy Bauer of Fernley. Elisa suffers from epilepsy, bipolar disorder and mental impairment as a result of a birthmother who drank heavily while pregnant with her. She is said to have a mental age of approximately 6 years. The father of her baby is unknown.
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Mary De Voe said...

Instead of putting the rapist to death, they are trying to put the innocent child to death.

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