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Cdl. Dolan: A Call for Penance

Meatless Fridays?

"First Things First!" – From the President, A Call for Penance. My brother bishops, Yes, we have "a lot on our plate" as we commence our meeting, urgent issues very worthy of our solicitude as pastors -- the suffering in vast areas not far from here caused by the Hurricane of two weeks ago, the imperative to the New Evangelization, the invitation offered by the Year of Faith, and our continued dialogue, engagement, and prophetic challenge to our culture over urgent issues such as the protection of human life, the defense of marriage, the promotion of human dignity in the lives of the poor, the immigrant, those in danger from war and persecution throughout the world, and our continued efforts to defend our first and most cherished freedom -- all issues calling for our renewed and enthusiastic commitment.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

They're beautiful words but, sadly, they're just words. Repentence is not "penance." Repentence is change, fundamental change.

If Church leaders really want to change, they will have to destroy the atmosphere of careerism and entitlement that has permeated the episcopacy for centuries.

They will have to reverse the institutional sacrifice of their spiritual patrimony on the altars of wealth, privledge, political power, intellectual fashion and secular influence.

They will demand that the Vatican release some of its wealth to dioceses that are in financial trouble.

They will see Judie Brown as an ally, not as a nuisance.

They will realize that "to whom much has been given, much will be expected."

They will realize that "judgement begins with the House of God" -- and that if they continue on their current course, judgement will come far more swiftly and powerfully than they could ever imagine.

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