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ACLU Forcing Schools to Provide Kids with Books on Lesbian Moms

It's never to early to be indoctrinated.

ACLU Files Lawsuit To Force Utah Schools To Provide Kindergarten Students With Book About Kids Being Raised By Lesbian Moms…
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Mary De Voe said...

The cover of the book: IN OUR MOTHER'S HOUSE calls to mind our church without the vices. To codify and legalize a fraud (fake fathers)is perjury in a court of law. To indoctrinate a captive audience of minor children is to impose intellectual fraud, since the children cannot give informed consent until emancipation, it is intellectual rape and soul kidnapping. Raping the intellects and kidnapping the souls of minor children is what the devil has done to the writers of the book.
The American Civil Liberties Union has denied to our children the knowledge of our Creator endowed unalienable rights and constitutional freedom. The ACLU has seduced our children into the brimstone and fire of hell. The correct response is: “You go first.”

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