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Notre Dame to Host Debate on Gay "Marriage"

I wonder if for Maggie Gallagher this counts as a home game or an away game:

The University of Notre Dame will host a public debate on the issue of gay “marriage” next week between traditional marriage advocate Maggie Gallagher and a Wayne State University philosophy professor who bills himself as “the gay moralist.” The October 25th debate will see Gallagher, president for the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, debate John Corvino, philosophy professor at Wayne State University. They will reportedly discuss the arguments from the book they co-authored, “Debating Same-Sex Marriage.”
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Proteios1 said...

I don't get why we are still having this argument? It's like my four yr old daughter who repeatedly asks me for candy expecting my NO to become YES if she just asks more, whines more and flails around crying...then stops crying and asks reeeeallly nice. Then screams when I still say no.
CCC clearly says love everyone, rebuke sin. Yes I'm paraphrasing, but we don't hate people who suffer with sin, we care for them. That doesn't mean giving any sinner anything they want. Lets make stealing legal because I've done that a bunch of times.

Mary De Voe said...

Prevaricators, perjurers, liars, fakers, pretenders, falsifiers, make believers, and any other name for same sex unions that will not admit to and identify the reality, the truth, and the natural virtue of love and chastity, being legally acknowledged, is inconsistent with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the unalienable rights endowed by our Creator, is inconsistent with the rational, immortal soul of the human being, is inconsistent with good will for the common good. To legalize the unholy will of the contumacious abuser of nature is contrary to the common good, our culture and society.

Mary De Voe said...

A fake husband, a fake wife is perjury in a court of law.

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