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Is Homeschooling Selfish?

Rebecca Frech has a run in with people who tell her she's selfish for homeschooling.

I spent several days last week with my husband's high school teacher cousin and her husband who works for the teachers' union in California. To say they are Liberal would be to undersell their political stances in the same way that calling me a Conservative wouldn't begin to cover it. As they are nice people, it was an enjoyable weekend of back-and-forth political banter. They support the President. We don't. We both knew that going in which made any mention of politics more play than work. Neither one was going to be persuaded which made it about the intellectual exercise. No one offered any new arguments to me until we began to discuss education. They seemed very interested in our decision to homeschool, the book I'm writing about it, and the children we're raising. They both conceded that we appear to be succeeding in raising and educating children who are both well-informed and socially normal. It was then that she shook her head slightly and stated, "I think you're doing a great job at it and you obviously have a love and a passion for teaching, which is what makes it even more selfish.
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Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

As a retired public-school teacher (I am also a Viet-Nam veteran and was voting Republican long before Rush Limbaugh bought his first illegal drugs), I assure you that your decision to teach your children at home is not selfish; it is your duty.

A failure to vote in your local school board elections would be selfish. Each public school is governed by a democratically-elected board; that so many schools are in a mess is because otherwise good people failed to vote, and thus failed the children whose parents cannot teach them at home.

And, please, don't employ the clunky neologism "homeschool." You do not "homeschool." You teach your children.

Bona fortuna!

Sophia's Favorite said...

@Mack Hall: given Rush became addicted to painkillers around 2003, that doesn't really mean much. Other than that you are gravely deceived on the matter of your own humorousness.

And no, most schools are in a mess because rock-stupid selfish asses who wouldn't teach their children if they could didn't bother to vote, or didn't vote intelligently. Among many other issues—teachers' unions and fads in the education colleges being just as big of issues.

Lawrence Hall, HSG said...

Sophia's Favorite:

I was not attempting humor; I was endeavoring to make several points. I apologize if I was unclear.

Most states wisely do not permit teachers to bargain collectively; thus, no unions in those states. Teachers' unions are as ill-advised as all others, but they are not that common. Please avoid stereotyping.

I'm not sure whom you mean by "rock-stupid selfish asses" but please do not attribute your vulgarities to someone else.

Sophia's Favorite said...

You think "selfish asses" is a vulgarity? Ass in that context means "donkey".

And I meant the parents. Not only don't they vote, their foolish selfishness hinders whatever work the good teachers actually can do.

Kids whose parents actually care are fine, no matter what schools they go to. If their parents don't, they're screwed. It only looks like the public schools are the problem because, obviously, parents who don't care aren't going to teach their kids themselves or shell out for private school.

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