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Infertility and Sex-Selective Abortions

The "miracle" of modern science:

A lot of people, conservatives in particular, tend to idealize the past. We like to wax lyrical about simpler times, the "good old days." Of course, if we are honest we have to admit that those good old days weren't always so great. The passage of time and progress of society have brought many blessings – civil, cultural, and technological. Society today is freer, fairer, safer, and more comfortable. Unfortunately many of the blessings of progress come at a cost. The same technologies that make life healthier and more comfortable can also present us with previously unimagined ethical dilemmas. This principle was illustrated recently in an open letter published in Slate magazine's "Dear Prudence" feature. "Prudence" dispenses "advice on manners and morals" to those struggling to navigate the complexities of life in the 21st century.
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