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He Spilled His Vote Upon the Ground

For all those pro-life who refuse to vote for either side, read this.

He Spilled His Vote Upon the Ground

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Anonymous said...

Here is my comment which I left at the original post:
Thank you, John Zmirak! You are completely right and echo what I argued over at another Register blogger's facebook page this morning -- not one baby will be saved by voting third party, not one. Aren't the lives of these little ones worth something? Defunding PP, overturning Mexico City, repealing Obamacare and the HHS mandate (which will ruin us), a good shot at fair federal judges and justices -- these are all so critical! But some Catholics want to make the perfect the enemy of the good by throwing out their own straw man argument -- that for the good of our own souls we cannot vote for any candidate at all who is not perfectly, in every way - pro-life. This fantasy candidate (and it is a fantasy in 2012) does not exist. Not even the 'holier than holy' Ron Paul -- WHO, BTW when he had a chance to vote for life by voting for PRENDA this summer (which would have saved baby girls from sex selective abortions) -- voted AGAINST IT. There is no perfect candidate. But this year we have a huge choice to make: vote for someone who is virulently pro-abortion and anti-religious freedom or vote for someone who, though not perfect can be held to account for his pro-life promises. For me, the choice is clear. It should be clear to anyone with ears to hear. http://www.sba-list.org/melissa

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