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Generation Fluke is on the Rise

Give. Me. Condoms!!!

Students at Boston College have reportedly begun a petition demanding that the health center on campus distribute contraceptives.
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Mary De Voe said...

The BCSSH Echo the HHS Mandate. Condoms do not prevent HIV/aids, herpes, cancer, papilloma virus and may even cause latex allergy. Contraceptive pills do not prevent any sexually transmitted disease and are more dangerous than trying to outrun a speeding locomotive. Abortion diminishes our constitutional posterity and Roe denies men the seed of their constitutional posterity enmass. Once contracted these are chronic and death sentences. Health and Human Services knows this. Planned Parenthood knows this. College students are being bullied to sign a paper without informed consent.
The Boston College Students for Sexual Health must be silenced before they cause death and some other serious, very serious health problems to the bodies and souls of the students.

Mary De Voe said...

So, who do you sue when you get herpes? You sue the significant other, the condom maker, the insurance company, the college? Who do you sue for the HIV/aids care? Promoting sex in grammar school and selling Obamacare at the same time is like shooting oneself in the foot. Fluke is a good description for this craziness.

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