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Francis Beckwith on The First Freedom

A great piece:

In a class I teach at Baylor University, “Law and Religion in the United States,” I begin the semester by asking my students this question: If you were writing the Constitution from scratch in this day and age, would you include the religious free exercise and dis-establishment clauses? As you would guess, the students enthusiastically affirm their commitment to these principles. But then I follow up with these queries, “But why? What is so special about religion, its beliefs, and its practices, that require that your Constitution protect those of its citizens that embrace them?
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Mary De Voe said...

Man's existence in sovereign personhood constitutes the state. Therefore, any founding principles inscribed into law must acknowledge the sovereign personhood of the human beings' rational, immortal soul. Man is composed of rational, immortal soul and human body. And imposing tyranny does not change the Creator and God's creation of the human being, who God has adopted as his own children and further endowed man with HIS immortal and sacred name "I AM".

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