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France Considers Ban on Homework

France has swirled itself down the civilizational toilet. Now, we're just listening to the gurgle.

It’s actually come to this. For the sake of creating a more level playing field for students who might not have home lives as conducive to productive learning as others, the national — I repeat, not some local or regional government or association or something, but the national — French government is actually floating a plan that would disallow schools from assigning their pupils homework, via TIME:
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Joseph M said...

Too bad the French have got the reasoning all wrong, because the idea is a good one: there's little if any hard evidence that homework helps students learn through 8th grade, and it is less effective than sleep, exercise and family time in aiding high schoolers' learning.

Think about it for a moment - we strenuously object to much of what the schools teach our kids, yet surrender yet more hours of our kids' lives to their control via homework. When are we supposed to exercise our parental duty to be the primary educators of our children? There's no evidence that the sacrifice is worth it.

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