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Do People Who Commit Suicide Go to Hell?

Fr. William Byron S.J., writes at Catholic Digest:

No one can appreciate the unimaginable pain that is the ultimate explanation for such a tragic action. No one, therefore, can judge a person whose choice we cannot fathom, whose life we can remember, but cannot restore, and whose pain we cannot understand. This is how the Church tends to look upon suicide today. The Church teaches that suicide is wrong; it is contrary to the Fifth Commandment. It is an action that runs counter to the proper love of self, as well as love for God, the giver of life. We are stewards of our lives, not owners. The person who takes his or her own life also wrongs others — those who remain experience loss, bewilderment, and grief. You won’t find anything in that teaching about going to hell.
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Anonymous said...

If this priest had written the same article about the internal distress of those who procure abortions (also a sin against the fifth commandment), you wouldn't have posted it.

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