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Dale Is Not Loving the New "Revolution" Show. Here's Why.

It's kinda' mindless though Billy Burke is pretty good:

For the moment, I'm going to completely bracket the fact that NBC's Revolution is a blatant, soulless rip-off of my friend Steve Stirling's Emberverse series. Instead, I'm going to give it an objective analysis, focusing on the strengths and flaws of the series, as based upon my viewing of the first two episodes. 1. It's a blatant, soulless rip-off of the Emberverse series. OK, I tried. But there's no getting around this fact, and this fact ripples throughout the plot. The fact that it is a thinly-disguised ripoff ("How about we let guns work? That'll keep him from suing, right?") with hot-rod flames here and there and a new monkey-fur dashboard warps the storytelling, rendering it a mess that doesn't work on its own terms.
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DP said...

Thank you kindly for the hat-tip!

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