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Catholic College Supports Radical Bill Redefining Family


A radical attempt to legislatively redefine the family in California had an unlikely ally in a Catholic college. While many Christian organizations spoke out against a bill that would allow judges to establish that a child may legally have more than two parents, the University of San Diego, a Catholic college, has publicly supported the bill. In fact, the Children’s Advocacy Institute at USD’s Law School “co-sponsored” the bill along with the National Center for Lesbian Rights.
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Mary De Voe said...

I hope every child, when he is emancipated, sues for the horrors he is going to have to endure under this legislation. A person has 60 days after he is eighteen years old to sue for damage, psychological and physical, and there will be damage from this abnormal invention and social experiment. The child is a captive prisoner of his environment and needs a mother and a father to help him mature. If and when he misses out because of some unnatural law, his freedom and rights are not being served by people who are to serve.

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