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Bullying Gay Atheist NBA Star Gives Anti-Bullying Talk on Catholic Campus?

But Mr. Tolerance has called religious believers delusional morons.

Former professional basketball player, atheist, and gay activist John Amaechi spoke at the University of Scranton “Day of Inclusion” in front of more than 100 people last week. The Jesuit university said it was “an effort to promote an inclusive, culturally competent, and mindful environment, free of bullying and harassment.” But inclusiveness doesn’t seem to describe Amaechi’s feelings towards religious believers. Amaechi, a self descried atheist, said in interviews he finds the idea of an afterlife “so crazy” and that “the delusion is just ridiculous.”
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Anonymous said...

A Jesuit School? Why am I not surprised?

Tantumblogo said...

This University of Scranton played a big role in getting the very orthodox Bishop Martino removed. It is one of the most heterodox, PC, gay-friendly catholyc institutions in the country.

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